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50 strips for Omron HGM111 & HGM112 Blood Glucose Monitor

Safe and convenient

Omron brings to you a safe and convenient way of measuring and controlling your blood glucose levels. You can use Omron Test Strips Box for Omron Glucometer HGM-111 & HGM-112 to measure your blood glucose levels from the comfort of your home. It can measure

Highly accurate results

Omron, as is widely known, is a reputed name in the healthcare sector all over the world. Omron Glucometer is a reliable instrument, Omron Test Strips Box for Omron Glucometer HGM-111 & HGM-112 can be used with Omron Glucometers model HGM-111 and HGM-112 and it yields highly accurate results.

Results displayed in 5s

Using Omron Test Strips is easy and convenient and your blood glucose levels are displayed in 5s. Maintaining a record of your blood glucose level fluctuations over time would help you immensely and being well informed is half way towards controlling your blood glucose levels.

Size50 Strips  (25 x 2)
Measuring Range1µl

** If 50 Strips pack was not available then we will send 2 packs of 25 strips, which gives you more control on the usage and avoid moisture.

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