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Adidas has its roots in Germany but they are a truly global company. Around the world, employ over 57,000 people. Employees from about 100 nations are working at our global HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany – the ‘World of Sports’. Every year they produce over 900 million sports and sports lifestyle products with independent manufacturing partners worldwide.

In 2018 they generated sales of € 21.915 billion. These numbers alone can easily suggest that Adidas is quite a large and also multifaceted organization. True. But we keep things simple, lean and fast. And we will use this approach now to give an overview of what our company is all about. 

Adidas now not limited to badminton shoes or running shoes, now they are in other sports too and developing badminton rackets, footballs, badminton kitbags, grips and so on.