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Amway Nutrilite Kids Drink - Chocolate (500gm)

NUTRILITE® Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour is a balanced nutritious protein drink with essential vitamins & minerals for a healthy body of your child.

Vitamin, Mineral and Protein supplementation during the formative years help ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients necessary for growth and development of children. Hence, there's a need for a drink that provides delicious and convenient nutrition at any time.

NUTRILITE Kids Drink Chocolate Flavour is a balanced nutrition for children providing them essential foundation nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help your child grow up with strong bones and muscles; healthy teeth, hair and skin, good vision, sharp mental skills and lots of energy.

It is a low fat composition to ensure adequate energy but no unwanted calories. It is an ideal drink for growing children and fussy eaters, anytime of the day - with breakfast, at school, after play, bedtime anytime.

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