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Brand: Ayrtek
Model: PremAYR
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Made in UK
Size Range - 53cm - 64cm
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Ayrtek PremAYR Titanium Cricket Helmet

The Ayrtek PremAYR  helmet uses a high impact ABS shell paired with the patented Air Cushion Impact System (A.C.I.S™) liner it allows for a fully bespoke fit to be achieved providing both comfort and safety to the user. This system allows the user to pump air into the liner to make it smaller and thus achieving a customized fit.

The PremAYR also features our 4 point attachment chin-strap that acts to minimize forefront wobble and adds to helmet stability when wearing the helmet.

  • BS 7928:2013 ~ Pending
  • High Impact ABS shell materials.
  • Fixed Grille position.
  • Branded Microfibre Storage Bag
  • Size Range– 53cm-64cm.
  • Approx Weight– 870g

When a ball hits this new kind of helmet, it is deflected. The force of the impact is diffused, just as the air rushes past the head of the helmeted cyclist.

Its other main feature is that you pump it with air just before you go in to bat, pushing a rubber button about fifteen times to inflate it so that the helmet fits your head exactly.

The Cricket helmet then stays in place if and when you are hit on the head. The grille isn’t forced into the face, breaking the nose – as in Ferguson’s case – or teeth, as in Flynn’s.

This Air Cushioned Impact System was designed by Ayrtek’s Tom Milsom when he was studying Sports Technology at Wolverhampton University. He inflated batting gloves with air, again to reduce the ball’s impact, before spotting a gap in the market and moving on to helmets.

For schools that have to ensure their pupils wear a helmet in accordance with health and safety regulations, the A.C.I.S. inflates the helmet to the size of the individual. In the case of the Ayrtek helmet, one size fits all.

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