Either you are looking for a feather shuttlecock, nylon shuttlecock or plastic shuttlecock, finding a genuine and durable one is not an easy task. Here listed the world's best badminton shuttlecocks at the best price.

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Badminton shuttlecocks are one of the most important accessories for this game. Badminton shuttles must be of high quality, and the feathers on the shuttle must be identical in density because they affect the direction and flight quality of the badminton shuttlecock, most important you need genuine sports goods which are only available in sportsuncle.

Types of Badminton Shuttlecocks

There are mainly two types of shuttlecocks that you can buy.

1. Feather
2. Synthetic

Feather Shuttlecocks are delicate and they break easily when you play a hard-hitting badminton game as they are made using natural feathers of hen, duck, and Goose. While on the other hand Synthetic shuttles last long as they are made using plastic or nylon.

How are Badminton Shuttlecocks Made?

A Feather shuttlecock is formed by overlapping 14 or 16 feathers depending on manufacturers which are then embedded into a rounded cork base which may be natural cork, composite cork, or plastic base material. The cork is covered with thin leather or synthetic material.

These are made using natural feathers from hens, goose or ducks. Also, there is an interesting fact that Premium shuttlecocks are said to be made using goose feathers, specifically left-wing feathers.

Now you may be thinking why? Actually, it's not clear but maybe they are left-winged which makes their left wings stronger which may be the reason behind preferring them but to confirm we have to check the books on the history of badminton. But that doesn't mean that badminton shuttlecocks made using duck feathers are anywhere less when it comes to quality and durability.

How to select the right Badminton Shuttlecock?

There are various factors that need to be kept in mind to select the right badminton shuttlecock.
1. Speed
2. Temperature Conditions (Country/Place where you play)
3. Player Level


These come in different speeds and for some brands like Yonex you can identify it using color bands on the cork or Speed Number like 75,76,77 or Speed 1, Speed 2

Green - Slow
Blue - Medium
Red - High Speed

You can pick them depending on the level of your game.

Temperature Conditions:-

The country where you are located or the place you are playing is also an important factor when deciding on the shuttlecock. This is because the temperature can also affect the speed of the badminton shuttlecock. In hot weather, shuttlecocks fly faster while slower in cold weather. So if you are in colder countries or playing in an air-conditioned indoor hall, use a slightly faster shuttlecock.

Player Level:-

This makes an important point when deciding on the kind of shuttlecocks one should buy.

If you are a professional/serious badminton enthusiast and play on a daily basis then a feather shuttlecock is suggested. For the Training Level also feather shuttlecocks are available.

On the other hand, if you are a novice or recreational player then using Synthetic shuttlecocks is advised as they are cheaper and more durable. It is also used for practice sessions at schools & colleges. However synthetic shuttlecock has bad in-flight stability but these days high range nylon shuttlecocks give a flight similar to feather shuttles. Yonex Mavis 2000 is the best nylon shuttlecock for your shuttle game if you are looking for a flight similar to a feather.

But, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly shuttlecock then go for synthetic shuttles. You can buy a set of synthetic shuttles to reduce the cost even further.

There is a difference in the flight mode of these types of shuttles. Synthetic flights are slower, but fewer climbs before the end of their flight. Feather shuttlecocks fall almost at right angles, while synthetic drops more diagonally. These badminton shuttlecock reach speeds of up to 320 km / h (but now this speed barrier has already broken by many champions which is more than 420+ km/h), but they also speed up the crash, which makes the game look faster. 

Regarding which type of badminton shuttlecock you choose, you should always stick to it. Changing between nylon and feather shuttlecock means adapting to a different kind of game.

Cheaper to use, and traveling at a flatter angle, the nylon-type badminton shuttlecocks are ideal for beginners and recreational players. Enjoying the game doesn’t mean winning at all costs, so less accuracy provided by the nylon types shouldn’t represent much of a problem. The game speed is also different, thus increasing the fun.

Nonetheless, there are different types of nylon shuttlecocks suitable for different climates. The red ones generate more speed, so they are mainly used in colder climates, while the green ones are slower and are used in warmer climates. The aerodynamic behavior of the shuttlecock is entirely different from other types of projectiles.

While the sphere objects used in other sports such as tennis and table tennis have a perfect shape, the shuttlecock generates high aerodynamic drag, making it much harder to predict its flight trajectory. The studies for the first one are extensive, but not for the badminton projectile which makes it a unique sport. This is also a difference between nylon and feather shuttles.

How to Increase the Life of the Feather Shuttlecocks

If the shuttlecock is dropping feathers every time we hit it, we will be left with only the cork at the end of the match. To bypass such conditions, you must know all the possible ways of increasing the life of feather birdies.

One easy way of accomplishing the goal is by steaming the badminton shuttlecocks. If you live in an area that testifies to gruesome winter, it can lead to the fast drying of feather shuttlecocks. However, by steaming them, you will be able to interject moisture and take care of the drying issue. 

Using a shuttlecock humidifier (humidome) can help, provided that the device is submerged in a pot filled with water for at least 4 hours. After this, just remove the bottom cap of the tube and place the humidifier without removing the upper lid. The idea is that the humidifier should contain moisture at the desired level. This comes in handy when traveling for the device is small to carry with you all the time.

At SportsUncle you can buy genuine badminton shuttlecocks from the best brands for all playing level. We have Premium Quality Shuttles from almost all brands including Yonex Shuttlecock, LiNing Badminton, Flypower, RSL Shuttles, Carlton, Babolat, Vicky to name a few. It is advisable to buy branded shuttles as they last longer, have better cork head, and help to improve the quality of the game in the shuttle court. The shuttle game will not be fun if shuttles keep breaking during a game.

Buy Badminton Shuttlecocks at the Best Price

At SportsUncle, we have a variety of the best badminton Shuttlecocks that are constructed using durable feathers and nylon. They are also known as a shuttle in general language or some called "shuttlecock or badminton cock".

You can buy individual shuttle tubes as well as in sets or packs as per requirement. If you are a regular Badminton Player then buying a set of shuttlecock tubes is a better option as it reduces the cost. So, buy a badminton shuttlecock online and start your badminton games with your badminton partner, friends, a family using the shuttle bat.

Buy Shuttlecocks Online at SportsUncle

We list a range of quality shuttlecocks that are well-tested before being packed by the company. They last longer and you keep enjoying your badminton games. These are made up of feathers, nylon, or plastic bristles and come with a cork base that is shockproof, weight equally distributed, and reliable. The most Popular Nylon shuttle is Yonex Shuttle Mavis 350, and Mavis 500 and popular feather shuttlecocks are Yonex Shuttlecock Aerosensa 2 and Yonex Aerosensa 10.

You will enjoy playing your favorite strokes with your badminton racket when you have a genuine quality badminton shuttle as they are created keeping physics and dynamics in mind so that they travel well when you hit them.