The best way to carry your cricket equipment is to purchase cricket bags. Kitbag offers different pockets and compartments to protect your gear and the price depends on the quality, size, design - duffle bags or wheelie bags. Scroll down and here you will find the best ones.
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The Game of cricket involves lots of gears, including cricket bat, cricket shoes, cricket leg guards, batting gloves, cricket balls etc. On top of that, each player has to carry his equipment to every match, regardless of whether he is a bowler or batsman.

Players need to move their equipment without damaging them as nobody wants to play with defective or damaged equipment. The best way to transport that equipment is to get a cricket kit bag, specially made for carrying the cricket gear.

However, before buying a cricket kit bag, you should consider the following things.

Tips for buying a Cricket kit bag

Storage capabilities

The first thing you should do before buying a bag is to check its size. The bag's storage capacity should be enough, considering you will have to put your bats, gloves, balls, shoes, pads, abdominal guard, thigh guard, and the most critical equipment helmet into it.

All of the previously mentioned gears will take up a lot of space. Hence, it would be best if you went for cricket kit bags with ample storage space.


Chances are your cricket kitbag will weigh a lot once it is loaded with all the equipment. Not only is it challenging to carry a heavy bag over the shoulder, but it can lead to muscle soreness, or you might even pull a back muscle.

Hence, it would help if you went for cricket bags with wheels as these bags can be rolled, which is more comfortable and safer than carrying the bag over your shoulder.

Along with the things mentioned above, pay special attention to the build quality and material used for making the bag. The material should be waterproof or at least water-resistant as well as durable. Moreover, buy a cricket kit bag made with ripstop fabric.

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