Protection is necessary on every pitch, whether riding a car or playing cricket on the ground. Cricket Pads are a must to save you from the red-white bullets coming from the bowler's end. That's why we listed the best cricket leg guards available.

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Cricket pads are one of the essential protective gear in cricket, which no batsman can ignore. They have been around since the mid-18th century and became popular with the introduction of over-arm bowling. As the game has moved forward, the materials used for making pads have changed. And nowadays, pads contain high-density foam, which is made of PU and PVC, while the face of the cricket pads is made from Cane. All of these materials have a high shock-absorbing ability.

Without a doubt, quality has become much better over the years. Currently, we have pads that not only protect against fast-moving cricket balls but can rebound the balls too long distances. In other words, the quality is so good; batsmen don’t even feel a tickle even when the fastest of deliveries hit them on the batting pads. And we at Sportsuncle provide some of the finest yet affordable cricket pads. Here is what we have to offer:

Shops Cricket pads at Sportsuncle

We at Sportuncle understand the importance of high-quality cricket pads and provide the finest cricket pads online at the best prices, items that will complete your game. Whether you face the 95Mph speedsters or 50Mph spinners, our cricket leg guards are tailor-made for every situation. On top of that, we offer a wide variety of styles, color, and performance standard, plus Sportsuncle have some of the lightest pads on the market.

We provide an extensive range of top-notch cricket bats, cricket gloves, and cricket pads that are used all around the world, by everyone from budding batsmen to international cricketers.

Our range includes:

  • Morrant International Ultra Lite batting Pads
  • Adidas XT 1.0 Premium batting pads
  • BDM Admiral cricket wicket keeping pads
  • BDM Untamed cricket batting pads
  • Adidas Incurza 1.0 Batting Pads

Besides the pads mentioned above, we also have Moonwalkr cricket pads, SM wicket-keeping cricket pads, and more. All of which are available for you to buy. For more details, you can refer to our blog at the Sportuncle blog.

Whatever your level of cricket is, Sportsuncle has got you covered.