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7 Tips for Finding the Best Tennis Shoes

Finding the best tennis shoes doesn't have to be overwhelming and stressful. This guide will help you learn what to look for in the best tennis shoes so that you can improve your game with the right support.

Most tennis players say your game is only as good as your swing. While the right technique is crucial to your performance, so is having the right equipment.

You can't be the best tennis player on the courts if you have a bad racket or anything but the best tennis shoes. However, it doesn't come as naturally to find these things as it does to improve your game. It's one thing to spend time training every day and another to know which tennis tools to spend your money on.

To make the choice easier for you, here are seven things to keep in mind when shopping for new tennis shoes.

1. Know Your Turf

First things first, consider the kind of court you're playing on. Tennis courts are usually made of grass, clay, or some other type of hard surface. The material under your feet matters; it goes hand in hand with finding the best types of tennis shoes.

For example, you can't play your best game on clay if you're wearing tennis shoes that are meant for grass. It's the same story the other way around, and even whether or not you're wearing the right shoes for your gender may have an effect on your performance.

As such, choose a court style and stick to it. If you're not sure what kind of surface you prefer, try them all out in standard tennis shoes before investing in a quality pair of turf-specific shoes.

2. Understand Your Tennis Skills

Once you've identified your preferred tennis turf, you're ready to start working on your skills. Every tennis court is the same size and it operates on the same rules, but they all have their own unique pros and cons when playing.

Still, winning or losing comes down to training. Make sure you put in the effort every day to improve, and that you have the right equipment to do so.

But, don't spend a huge amount of money on shoes if you're just starting out playing tennis. It's better to get an average pair now and invest in better ones later when you're really ready to play the tough games. Focus on your skills first, then find the shoes that will take your performance to the next level once you've established the right foundation.

3. Look for Special Features in the Shoes

Whether you're buying your very first pair of tennis shoes or looking to upgrade, you have to keep an eye out for special features. These include any added cushioning in the soles, extra space for gel inserts, or lightweight mechanics.

The first two features provide comfort and support. They give your feet the strength they need in all the right places to perform better and play harder. Something like lightweight mechanics, though, is all about maintaining your current skill level and allowing you to improve.

When tennis shoes are created to be as light as they possibly can, the manufacturers are designing with your game in mind. Such a feature allows you to play at the top of your game without feeling weighed down on your feet. You can expect to feel light and swift on the court, which may end up benefiting how you swing over time.

4. Consider Maintenance Needs

Another thing to think about when shopping for the best tennis shoes is the kind of maintenance they need. Also, consider how long you can expect a shoe to hold up for.

Some shoes will only last for one season or so, especially if you're playing every day. Other tennis shoes will be able to last you a year or two if you treat them well. The key is how you maintain them, though.

Don't wear your tennis shoes out and about as if they're casual footwear. Reserve them for the courts and the courts alone.

Even when you're weightlifting or running to improve your tennis game, leave your special shoes at home and train in something else. It sounds a little silly, but these efforts prolong your shoes' life more than you think.

5. Think About Your Budget

What if you want all the cool features of nice tennis shoes and easy maintenance, but you don't have the money to pay for it? You may have to compromise.

The thing is, the absolute best tennis shoes on the market are worth a pretty penny. If tennis is a serious passion for you - not just a hobby - go for the big expense. Otherwise, you might be better off finding a good pair of shoes at a smaller price point, even if the quality is not the #1 available.

At the end of the day, be smart about where your money is going and if anything, think of it like this: if you're going to spend big on tennis shoes, make sure you put in the time to train hard and get as much use out of them as possible.

6. Take a Walk in Your Potential New Shoes

No matter how much you think you're going to spend on tennis shoes, make sure you take a walk in them before you buy them. Even if your friends have recommended a certain model or it looks cool in the store, it's only when you put it on your foot that you will know for sure whether it's the right choice or not.

Take a few laps in the sporting goods store and don't be afraid to do a few stop-and-go's or simple foot movements right there. It might feel a little awkward doing training movements in the store, but you'll be glad you did with the right shoes in hand as you walk out! This thing is not possible online, as such buyers try to cheat with the policies and every site now making tough return rules, so try in the local store and if getting online better price then buy from the online shop.

7. Do Your Research

Trying on shoes in the store is hands-on research. However, it doesn't hurt to do a bit of online research before you go somewhere to buy tennis shoes.

Read a few reviews online and pay attention to what people are saying about the pros and cons of certain choices. Compare the performance of new models and well-known shoes that have been in the market for years, too.

It's going to take you a bit of time to do this, and you may go back and forth in deciding what you want. That's where the in-store experience comes in. Online research helps you narrow down what you're looking for, and after you try some shoes on, the choice should be crystal clear.

Finding the Best Tennis Shoes and Putting Them to Use

Finding the best tennis shoes to wear on the court and playing your best game are two different things. Yet, the two depend on one another.

You need the right shoes to play your best game, remember badminton shoes and tennis shoes are different. On the other hand, you can't expect good shoes to do all the work for you; you have to know how to play, too.

For more tennis tips and tricks from training insights to equipment information, click here.

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Thomas Clarence 24-05-2022 00:28
I need to buy some new tennis shoes. I like how you mentioned that it is a good idea to think about your budget when purchasing new shoes. It could be a good idea for me to find some shoes at a liquidation sale so that I can save some money. 
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