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Let's talk about boxing! This article will tell you more about "the noble" art, giving you the top 10 benefits of boxing workouts. By the time you finish reading this post, you will realize how boxing workouts are not only reserved for fighters but for regular people too, so make sure you read the whole piece through.

Benefit #1: Excellent Cardio

Make no mistake, boxing workouts are hard. Punching a bag, sparing, jumping rope, practicing technique, shadow boxing, even holding your guard for prolonged periods will require a lot of effort. If you never tried a boxing workout before, you will be surprised how soaked your t-shirt will be even after a few rounds.

One of the boxer's favorites - the jump rope - is one of the best forms of cardio there is. Jump rope practices your coordination too, and if you get a weighted one, you will also exercise your shoulder muscles. And because jump rope is so heavily emphasized in boxing gyms, that alone will build up incredible endurance, which will translate to other areas of your life too.

Benefit #2: Great For Losing Fat And Getting Shredded

Take a look at any professional boxer, and what you will see is usually chiseled abs, no matter what the weight class is (Andy Ruiz JR is an exception). That kind of physique is a direct result of boxing training, and all that cardio we talked about in the "Benefit #1" section.

In fact, boxing workouts are an excellent way to lose weight for another reason - they are quite safe on your joints. Overweight individuals often have issues with knees and ankles, as they need to hold all that weight, getting stressed with every step. That's the #1 reason why activities such as running and most sports aren't a good idea for people who need to lose a lot of fat.

But boxing is different. Even jump rope is quite easy on the joints if you do it with two feet, but you can skip it entirely if you are worried about joint health, at least until you lose some weight first. Punching a bag alone can burn more than 500 calories per hour, depending on your weight. Sparing burns even more calories. All that without any jumping, running, or any drastic movement that can cause issues with your lower limbs.

Benefit #3: Boxing Is One Of The Best Stress Releasers

Boxing is an incredible way to reduce stress, one of the plagues of modern society, which causes havoc all across our bodies.

Any type of exercise is excellent for reducing stress, but boxing takes this to another level. Whenever you feel like you would punch a wall, or slap your boss in the face, go to the gym, and release all that anger directly on a heavy bag. You will instantaneously feel much better!

Also, the fact that you know that you have a boxing day scheduled multiple times per week will do wonders for reducing your chronic stress, which is the worst kind. This tension-release valve will help you in your regular day-to-day more than you can imagine, helping you be more composed and patient, which will lead to better decision making.

Benefit #4: Boxing Builds Discipline And Resilience

Because boxing workouts are very intensive, they will toughen you up both physically and mentally very fast. It is everything but easy to do rounds and rounds on the heavy bag, let alone to spar with an opponent. Boxing will test your limits, asking from you things you didn't know you were capable of doing before. This will push your boundaries, and you will become much tougher, both physically and mentally.

Also, if you choose to spar, you will quickly learn how you are not invincible, which is an incredible life lesson. You will learn that sometimes your opponent is just more ready, or a better fighter than you are, and you can do nothing but try your best. Defeat is an essential part of boxing (and any aspect of life), and your job is to learn from your mistakes and make sure you get better, patiently waiting for the next opportunity.

Benefit #5: You Will Build Muscles Too

Although boxing is an excellent form of cardio, most boxing gyms have free weights too. Also, most coaches will incorporate bodyweight strength exercises like pullups, pushups, burpees, squats, and similar, which will help you build muscle.

Furthermore, punching is very intensive on the upper body, but it activates the lower body too. Once you start boxing, you will learn that the hardest punches generate their power from the feet and that the fist is only the spot where all that force is transferred to the punching bag. Therefore, it is essential to have a well-rounded physique, and no lagging body parts, if you want to be a good boxer.

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Benefit #6: Strengthen Your Bones

While muscles and endurance get the most attention, boxing is a great way to develop stronger bones too. Because you are punching a stationary object, your bones are forced to mineralize, which makes them stronger. This is why boxing is a great way to prevent bone issues such as osteoarthritis, which often develop as we age. This is especially important for the upper body, and for preventing problems with bones in our arms, which often get weak as we get older.

Benefit #7: Develop Power

Boxing is a great way to develop power, which is different than strength. Power is "energy converted per time unit," while strength would be the maximal amount of weight you can move, with time not being a factor. A classic strength exercise would be a deadlift, where the whole goal is to lift as much as you can.
Power, on the other hand, is something that much closely relates to other sports.

Therefore, working on your power in the boxing gym will translate to other (sports) activities, too, as you will learn how to exert a maximal amount of force in the least amount of time. You will be much "snappier" in other fields as well, not only in the ring. Plus, all that endurance that boxing helps you build will help you last longer in other areas as well.

Benefit #8: Build Up Your Confidence

Boxing helps you to build up your confidence, and not because you will feel like the strongest one in the room, no. Your confidence will rise based on the fact that you are doing something hard, but positive multiple times per week.

Once your body starts transforming, your gut disappearing while you start building some muscles, you will start looking better, which will again drive up your confidence. That will motivate you to continue working out, and get you even more results, which will drive even more confidence, and all that thanks to a heavy bag and a pair of boxing gloves.

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Benefit #9: You Will Learn How To Defend Yourself

Boxing is a fighting sport, and that means that you will learn how to defend yourself when there is no other thing to do but fight.

But, boxing will also teach you discipline, and you will learn that there is almost always a different solution. Boxing will also teach you that you are not the strongest nor the toughest and that there are always people who are readier than you are. So, don't think that all your kid will want to do is fistfight on the street after a few boxing lessons - precisely the opposite will happen.

Benefit #10: You Don't Have To Sparr If You Don't Want To

If you are scared that you might break your nose, cut your face, or injure yourself in some other way while sparring - don't sparr. Sparring is useful to test your boxing skills and to practice your composure under pressure, but if you are not interested in doing that, you don't have to do it. Without sparring, you minimize the injury risk while keeping all the other benefits of boxing mentioned above. Just let your coach know that you are not into sparring, but that you are willing to do everything else - they will have no problem with it.


As you can see, there are many reasons why you should start with boxing workouts today. What's more, you can do boxing workouts at home too. All you need is to invest in a heavy bag and some gloves, and that's it. If you want, you can buy a jump rope too, and you will have all the equipment needed to chisel a great-looking body and reap all the benefits we mentioned above.