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badminton rackets under 5000 which is made in taiwan and japan

Over the last few decades, India has produced some of the best badminton players the world has seen. After all, it is the second most popular sport after cricket.

It all goes back to the 1980’s when Prakash Padukone climbed to the No. 1 rank in the All England Opens. Soon after Padukone, Pullella Gopichand took the title in the 2001 All England Opens and hence paved the way for new talent.

Ever since then, we have seen talented players like Saina Nehwal, Srikanth Kidambi, and Pusarla Venkata Sindhu (PV Sindhu) hold the top ranks in the Badminton World Federation rankings.

Badminton is indeed an interesting sport. It gives an intense cardiovascular workout, improves reflexes, and helps develop better movement cognition. It also helps people blow off steam and relax.

Just like any other sport, badminton has its own set of requirements. Certain accessories like badminton shoes and racquets can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy in any game. A good badminton racket is like a sword, if it is too heavy or too light, there is a high probability that you might screw up the game or your arm, whichever ends first.

Choosing the right racket can be a little daunting, especially when there is a diverse range of manufacturing companies to choose from. “The best rackets” can be rather very subjective. Many manufacturing companies abroad make decent products, but there is only a handful that makes exceptionally good racquets and other badminton accessories.

However, with the recent controversies regarding the ban on Chinese products in India, people have been willingly avoiding Chinese made racquets. On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturing equipment companies selling affordable and high-quality rackets for decades. 

Here are the Top 10 badminton rackets which are Made in Taiwan/Japan and available under 5000 INR or USD 70:

** List is too big, if we add Made in China rackets then some much better rackets also available but as per the current demand selective rackets on the basis of performance and pricing ratio added in this list.

  1. Yonex Muscle Power 55 Light- Made in Taiwan

    MUSCLE POWER Frame and a head-light design provide immediate repulsion with high maneuverability. The series is designed for players who go after fast movement and effortless power. The frame of Yonex MP55 is so durable that handles tension up to 30lbs.

    The design of the strings in the new grommet pattern reduces the stress from the strings when it comes in contact with the shuttlecock and it also ensures minimal shock effect thereby improving your performance.

  2. Yonex Carbonex 21 Special - Made in Japan

    The round-shape head with a box-shape frame cross section gives Carbonex a unique and solid feeling. For players who seek a solid feel from the strings at impact. At impact, Elastic Ti resists deformation, stretching then recovering its shape quickly to launch accurate shots with the full energy of the swing. Those players not running behind the racket tension (lbs) can go for this racket, as the maximum tension recommended by manufacturers is 22 lbs as this is quite an old racket.

  3. Woods Trimach 1 - Made in Taiwan

    Well, this racket not required any introduction as this already made history. Intermediate to advanced players used this racket and reviews are so satisfactory for anyone when you compared a 3000 INR worth racket to any 10000 INR worth racket of bigger badminton brands. In fact, many buyers still buying this racket again if any damage happens during the play.

    According to them after playing with this not possible to play with any other racket in this range. There is a slight issue with the Grip noticed in this racket while removing the plastic wrapper from the handle but that is solved easily when you apply another grip on the same.

  4. Yonex Voltric 1 DG - Made in Taiwan

    This racket is made from Super High Elasticity High Modulus Graphite, making it possible to withstand higher tension than any other Yonex rackets. For the first time, experience Yonex with higher tension up to 35lbs in this range. Otherwise, in high range only Duora 8XP is the other racket that can handle 35lbs.

    This is a monster racquet built to crush down your opponent's defense. DG stands for Dual Grade. This series rackets are Very Head Heavy and not suitable for those wrists which have a tendency to play with lightweight or balanced rackets.

  5. Yonex Astrox 5FX - Made in Taiwan

    Astrox series is known for the Steep Attack. For players who demand a steep angled and devastating smash, taking the point to their opponent. By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top, and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly, with rapid succession.

  6. Yonex Arcsaber Tour 1000 - Made in Japan

    YONEX Nanoscience achieves precise control over racquet functions at the molecular level, creating ultra-lightweight racquets that are thinner, stronger, and more stable than an ordinary racquet for maximum power and speed from swing energy. This racket shaft is 10mm Longer and having an Even balance. The ARCSABER frame is designed to flex at the point of impact to hold the shuttle on the string bed for longer. 

    The control support cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easier gripping, fast follow-through, and the sharpest maneuverability.

  7. Yonex Voltric 8 Etune - Made in Taiwan

    This is an all-around badminton racket offering a great blend of explosive power and fast racket handling thanks to Voltric's exclusive Tri-Voltage System. This also comes with weighted grommets, so you can balance the racket according to the same during stringing if you are advanced enough otherwise ignore the same. Built-in T-Joint gives you more accurate and powerful hits. 

  8. Yonex Arcsaber 7 - Made in Japan

    Here comes another racket gem in the list. The ARC7 produces plenty of repulsion power, guided by accuracy and control. CS CARBON NANOTUBE used in the frame creates an extremely elastic racquet that explodes with repulsion power.  Maximum supported tension is 24lbs which is quite less for many of you, but this racket handles the 26lbs very easily. But remember if shuttle hits the frame then chances you will break this racket soon, so accuracy is the key for this racket and not for beginners.

  9. Yonex Duora 77 LCW - Made in Taiwan

    Built by determination, perseverance, and an absolutely unbreakable spirit- The Yonex Duora 77 LCW badminton racquet fully embodies the full Unbreakable Spirit of Datuk Lee Chong Wei. 

    All-round model equipped with the DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM to boost the power on your forehand and distance on your backhand. Aero+Box Frame combines the solid hitting feel and quick swing. Built-in T-joint increases strength between the frame and shaft eliminating head twist for more control.

  10. Yonex Astrox 69 - Made in Taiwan

    Yonex ASTROX 69 racket is built using with Rotational Generator System. The counterbalanced head adapts to each shot, helping you to control the drive and attack the opposition with increased acceleration, steeper angle, and power on the smash.

    This racket helps you to lead the attack with increased power and control. Best for Single & Doubles Attackers. Nanomesh NEO; Isometric; Aero + Box Frame; New Build-in T-Joint; Control Support Cap; New Grommet Pattern makes this an awesome buy for intermediate to advanced players.


The right type of racquet can take you a long way in badminton. The weight of the racquet depends on your wrist and arm, while the flexibility depends on the speed of your swing.

If you have a strong swing then a stiffer racquet can be very comfortable to maneuver the shuttle, on the other hand, if your swing is a little slow, a flexible racquet can be a good advantage.

Once are comfortable with weight and flexibility, focus on the grip. Choose the one that fits in your hand well and gives you better control, choosing a wrong or very lightweight racket can also give you some injuries.

Very Soon new brand Transform Badminton which is Made in India with no Chinese investment (as some readers speculated) is coming in the Indian market and hopefully will make a mark internationally.

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