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what to pack in badminton kitbag

"By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail"- Benjamin Franklin.

It is no secret that preparing well for your badminton matches is the first step towards success, and this preparation starts with selecting the right sports equipment and using them to full effect. Moreover, picking the perfect kit bag and placing the things correctly in that kit bag is just as important. 

However, people often find themselves in a spot of bother when thinking about what they should put inside the badminton kitbag and how to organize it properly. What's more, they might not even know why they are putting a specific thing inside the bag. To help such people, we have brought this detailed guide about what to pack in a badminton kitbag.

In this article, we are going to talk about various badminton equipment which you should include in your kit bag. In addition to that, we are also going to tell you why and how.

1. Badminton Racket

The first and foremost thing to put inside the kit bag is the badminton racket. After all, if you are playing Badminton, then obviously you need a badminton racket. Moreover, you might want to pack more than one racket inside the kit bag because you can need a spare racket anytime. For instance, if your current racket gets destroyed in between a match, you can use the spare one. 

Additionally, you can also carry a lighter racket inside the kit bag that you can use when you need better manoeuvring.


How to pack in a kitbag?

Most badminton kit bags come with two middle pockets specially designed to store rackets. Take the example of Yonex badminton kitbag SUNR 9826 TH BT6. You can place your rackets inside the thermal compartment, if this compartment is not available then you can keep them in any of those. If your kitbag is big enough, then you can keep the rackets with the brand cover, professional rackets in the kitbag are kept without the brand cover. 

Note: Dry the grips before putting your racket inside the kit bag. Otherwise, storing rackets with wet grips can result in a foul smell. 

Why pack in a kitbag?

The importance of putting your badminton racket inside the kit bag goes without saying. 

First, of you all, you need to store the racket in a safe environment where things like temperature are less likely to harm them. Hence, accumulating and carrying it inside an insulated/thermal kit bag is the best thing to do.  

Secondly, it will be a tedious task to carry multiple rackets around if not put inside the kit bag.

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 badminton rackets

2. Badminton Shoes

The second thing you should not forget to carry in your badminton kit bag is Badminton shoes as sport-specific shoes show your commitment to your craft. However, you can always play Badminton in running shoes or casual shoes, but it's just an injury waiting to happen. You step on the badminton court with your daily shoes, and one wrong step can lead to weeks in bed.

How to pack?

Many badminton kit bags have dedicated compartments to store shoes, where you can put your badminton-specific shoes and carry them around. However, similar to Badminton, make sure you dry them out thoroughly before putting them inside the kit bag. If the shoe compartment is not available, then keep the shoes in the shoe bag or any other small bag.


Badminton shoes are designed with extra support for lateral movement because, in Badminton, your movements require additional support for your ankles. Regular shoes like running shoes have a lot of cushioning but no support for your ankles. On the other hand, badminton shoes also have adequate traction and cushioning to protect your feet during rapid movements.  

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badminton shoes
3. Towels 

Carrying towels is another essential thing that you should consider while organizing your badminton kit. It becomes even more critical for you to carry towels if you sweat profusely during matches as it is necessary to tend to sweat to perform efficiently during the entire game. 

How to pack?

 You can pick up a clean towel and put it inside a side/accessories compartment of your badminton kitbag. 


If you have ever played or have seen anyone play Badminton, you would know how much the body sweats. Sweat on the palms makes it harder for players to grip the racquet, or you can use the Grip powder. Players need to clean the sweat off their palms very often. Also, to keep their vision at 100, they require clean towels so they can see the shuttle coming as clearly as possible.


4. Scissors 

 One more thing that you might want to put inside your kit bag is scissors because scissors are required at times while you are on the court, and it depends on you what kind of scissors you want to carry.


How to pack?

You can put the scissors in any of the pockets on the sides, but make sure you are not putting them right next to any cloth, for example, a towel. It can destroy clothes.  

Note: Please keep in mind, scissors have sharp edges that can harm the inner side of the kit bag. So, pay extra attention while storing them or use the scissors with a cover.


You are going to require scissors to trim the grip of your racquets as it tends to wear out. Plus, you can also need it to cut the broken strings off of your racquets to prevent damage to the badminton frame. In addition, a pair of scissors also come in handy to cut off sports tape or bandages if some injury happens. 


5. Shuttlecocks 

It is almost impossible to imagine the game of Badminton without shuttlecocks, picture players trying to hit thin air. Hence, it is optimal to put tubes of shuttlecocks inside your kit bag. 


How to pack?

In case you are carrying multiple tubes of shuttlecocks, you can put them in one of the middle compartments of your kit bag. On the other hand, if you are carrying a single tube, your kit bag's side pocket might have the space to store it. 


It would help if you always had a tube of shuttlecocks with you every time you head out to play. What if nobody brings shuttlecocks, how do you imagine playing then? What shuttlecocks you carry might depend on you and how good you are, so either choose a feather shuttlecock or a nylon shuttlecock.

shuttlecock with humidome

6. First aid kit

The next item to feature on the list is the First aid kit. It is just as important to carry the first kit around as any other thing. Essentially, it is an athlete's comrade in tough times and should always be kept with you at all times you are playing or training. 

You can include an ice bag, some pain relief spray or gel, a knee cap and some sports tape.

How to pack?

Your badminton kit bag features a lot of pockets with enough space. However, make sure you are not putting your first aid kit with your racket. You can put it inside the side pockets. 


 The chances of injury are never zero in any sport, no matter how great your technique is or how well you have conditioned your body. This reason alone is enough to carry a first aid kit with you everywhere you go. 


7. Clothing

Last but not least, you might want to carry badminton clothing with you. Moreover, it is usually advised to carry multiple clothes. These clothes might vary from breathable t-shirts and shorts explicitly designed to improve your on-court performance to hoodies and sweatshirts to keep you warm in-between sets. 

How to pack?

You can put your badminton t-shirt in any of the side pockets of the kit bags, where there is enough space. If you are carrying thicker clothes like sweatshirts, you can put them in an extra bag. 


There are multiple reasons to carry clothing around with you. Here are a few of them. 

  • Badminton clothes are designed in a specific way to maximize your productivity on the court. For example, badminton shorts end mid-thighs for this specific reason. 
  • At professional competitions, everyone wears Dri-Fit t-shirts as they are lighter and they keep moisture in check effectively.
  • Thicker socks are also preferable to avoid blisters, and for someone who sweats more and extra pair of sportswear is also required.

Besides, the things mentioned above here are some other things you can carry in your badminton kit bag. 

8. Small Bag

Another bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from the fresh ones or to carry something when required, it is good to have a separate bag from your kit bag.

9. Grip

An extra pair of the grip must be kept with you, grips are easily worn out, and they get dirty. Having spare grips to lend to a friend or for your own needs is advised.

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10. Bottle

Whether you are an advanced player or a newbie, carrying a bottle with an energy drink or only water can help during the games. These bottles can be easily placed inside your kit bags, and the size of the bottle you are carrying depends upon the hours you are planning to play.



A Badminton kit bag is an integral part of the game. After all, it alone is enough to store almost all the things required for a game, from badminton rackets to towels and first aid kits. That's why you might have seen most badminton players carrying kit bags with them. You should also use it if you are not already doing it.

Moreover, what things you should put inside the badminton bag and how you should put them can be a tough nut to crack. So, give read to the above article to know if you are organizing your kit bag the right way or not and all essential badminton equipment is there.

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