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6 Ways Yoga Can Turn You Into a Better Athlete

6 Different Types of Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

Are you trying to become a better athlete? Yoga might be the right answer for you. Take a look at these 6 different types of benefits of yoga for athletes.

Are you looking to become a better athlete?

If so, the answer to increasing your athletic ability might surprise you. Yoga has been a popular practice for centuries, and it has a ton of different benefits for athletes. Now, International Yoga day also celebrated and some celebrities also promoting the same like Shilpa Shetty Yoga.

But before we get into the best yoga for athletes and why it is so beneficial, it's important to understand exactly what yoga is and the different forms of practice.

Types of Yoga

Yoga has a long and complex history. But the practice has taken off in the U.S. during the last decade or so. It's true, nearly 30 million people practice yoga, which is a major jump from about 17 million in 20018.

Not all yoga is created equal. There are a lot of different types of practices that vary in the moves and pace of the class. Overall there are about 11 different types of yoga, depending on who you ask.

Vinyasa yoga, for example, is the most athletic type and is designed to get your heart rate up. Kundalini yoga is both a physical and spiritual yoga practice. Yin yoga is much slower paced, so it's great for beginners or those who need a recovery practice. Make sure you do your research before signing up for a yoga class, so you know exactly what you're getting into.

So what's the best type of yoga for athletes? This depends on your unique athletic goals. But no matter which one you choose, you'll discover tons of great benefits, both physical and mental.

Why Athletes Should Do Yoga

The short story is that yoga has benefits for everyone. Whether you're an Olympic athlete or have never worked out before in your life. Yoga works every part of your body at once and helps you create the crucial mind-muscle connection.

This connection will help you build more strength, flexibility, and endurance than you ever thought was possible.

If you're still not convinced that yoga is for you, here are six different benefits of yoga for athletes:

1. Strength and Endurance

Competitive weightlifters and distance runners might roll their eyes at the thought of yoga increasing strength and endurance, but it's true.

Yoga will make you feel powerful because it uses your own body weight. Don't underestimate the power of your own body. Even if you're used to lifting heavy weights, you'll feel benefits from yoga.

Endurance is also increased because yoga teaches you how to pace yourself. It also teaches you how to push past your physical limits and try new things. The meditation aspect of yoga also helps increase your endurance, but we'll discuss more of that later on.

2. Recovery

If you workout hard, your body needs to recover. Most athletes don't enjoy stretching but it's necessary. If you don't stretch properly, you're at a higher risk of injury.

Yoga will help you recover after a tough workout. It will also help you recover from a serious injury. Yoga is low-impact, so it will help you build strength over time so you're back in action more quickly.

3. Flexibility

One of the most obvious benefits of yoga is that it increases flexibility. Flexibility is crucial, especially for athletes who use swinging motions, such as baseball, tennis or badminton players. Flexibility also prevents you from pulling muscles and causing serious injuries. Not even flexibility also do yoga for weight loss. So, start the yoga with some simple yoga poses.

4. Stability

After you do yoga for the first time, you'll probably be sore in places you've never been sore before. This is because the unique movements of yoga work small, stabilizing muscles.

Like balance, stability is important for preventing injuries.

5. Balance

When you start taking yoga classes, the balance will be on the first things you learn. Many yoga poses require a great deal of balance.

Even if you don't use balance directly in your sport, it will help you prevent injury. The balance will keep you from falling over and doing serious damage. Yoga also helps you learn to control your body and catch yourself in an easier way.

6. Core Power

Yoga works all of your muscles, but it's particularly great at strengthening your core. The core is necessary in every sport.

The core is also critical for overall body health and back health. Back injuries are common among athletes, so you need to make sure you have a strong and healthy core.

Mental Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

In addition to the six physical benefits, yoga has tons of mental benefits for athletes as well.

Many yoga classes include a meditation part of the class at the end. This phase of the class (sometimes called 'savasana' or corpse pose) is designed to help you unwind from external pressures and thank your body for the work it did during class.

Meditation has different benefits on its own, but combined with the physical element of yoga it's even more powerful. Yoga will improve your mental toughness and help you train harder and overcome mental obstacles. You'll be able to compete harder and tap into more potential.

Think about it, when you're running a marathon, trying to lift heavier or finish the last few minutes of a basketball game, badminton game, it's your mind that gets in the way before your body checks out. Yoga and meditation can help you train your mind to relax and keep going.

Learn More About Improving Your Sports Performance

There are so many more benefits of yoga for athletes, these are just a few. But the best way to see if yoga is for you is to take a class. With yoga, you might need to give yourself a few classes to get the hang of things. The yoga asanas will be difficult at first, but the more you do it the more you'll reap the benefits. Search for the " Yoga classes near me " on your mobile.

But yoga is just the beginning when it comes to being a well-rounded athlete. Check out the rest of our site for more helpful tips that will help you stay at the top of your game. We have tips on nutrition and avoiding injury.

Also, don't forget to check out our shop which also have Yoga mat. We have everything you need to compete and take care of your body before and after.

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