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Cash on Delivery - Are you Partner in Crime ?

Whether You Choose Cash on Delivery or Prepaid, the Outcome Will Be the Same. The Few Pros and Many Cons in this method.
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Say Goodbye to COD and Pay Using ePayLater

With ePayLater, you can get access to an interest-free 14-day credit. All you have to do is a one-time signup and get upto Rs. 20,000 credit limit. You can pay using your ePayLater credit, try and test your sports gear, and pay back anytime within the next 14 days. With this amazing feature, you can get the benefits of COD (Cash On Delivery) without the and still pay digitally.

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Cash On Delivery killing the Indian Economy !!!

In 2007 when Flipkart start operations e-commerce in India was still at its foetal stage. But wanting to reach out to more customers, Flipkart took a risk and launched Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) service. It paid off. 

Today, compared to developed countries, e-commerce in India is more dependent on CoD and even after demonetizations user's preferred COD over prepaid order. 

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How To Order Online on Sportsuncle

There are many buyers, which wants to buy online but not aware what's the actual process, how to proceed and make the payment.
So, this video tries to solve this issue to some extent and you will feel much better how to Order online on Sportsuncle.

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