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Brand: Omron
Model: S-Adapter
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Works with Omron 7112, 7117, 7120, 7203 7201, 7130L, 7132
6 months Manufacturer Warranty
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Omron AC Adapter S for BP Monitor

Fits most current OMRON fully automatic blood pressure monitors (except HBP-1300, HEM-907, i-Q132, i-Q142, MIT Elite-series, check your meter have a slot to connect before ordering)

Omron BP Monitor AC Adapter S Description: Do you want to use your Omron Blood Pressure Monitor in the right way Do you want to make sure that you use the right accessories to make sure that your blood pressure monitor gives the most accurate reading If your answer to any of the above questions is yes then you need to buy the Adapter so that the monitor gets the right electrical supply and works the way you want it to. The Omron Adapter is the adaptor that has to be used with the Omron Blood pressure monitors. This will ensure that the power supply is the way it is needed and the monitor can be used for long. It is made with the aim that it works well with the monitors so that the readings of the monitor are more accurate and reliable. It is essential to use the Adapter along with the monitors to ensure they function in the way they are designed to. 


1. Ensures adequate power supply to get accurate reading. 
2.Perfect to be used with regular cuffs. 
3. Simple to plug in. 
4. Made of high-quality material to ensure power supply is normal and accurate results.

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