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Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF 375

  • Step on analyser function
  • Reading displayed are skeletal muscle pervent, fat percent and subcutaneous
  • Memory Support with 4 Memory Presets
  • 1 operation mode and comes with body fat monitor, 4 AA batteries and Instruction manual
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase

Body composition monitor
Full body sensing technology for a more accurate and precise body composition measurement.

Weight management made easy with:

  • Segmental (full body, trunk, legs and arms) subcutaneous and skeletal muscle percentage
  • Progress chart display
  • Same age comparison

BMIEverybody is concerned about their weight. But what is the basis for determining your ideal weight? The key is BMI. BMI is short for Body Mass Index. This index uses the following simple formula to indicate the ratio between weight and height of a person.

BMI = Weight (Kg) / Height (M) / Height (M)

The Omron body composition monitor uses the height information stored in your personal profile number to calculate your BMI.

Interpreting the BMI result

BMIClassification (By the WHO)
Less than 18.5Underweight
18.5 or more and less than 25Normal
25 or more and less than 30Overweight
30 or moreObese

Body Fat
Body fat serves a vital role in storing energy and protecting internal organs. We carry two types of fat in our bodies.
  • Essential fat which is stored in small amounts to protect the body
  • Adipose tissue (stored fat) provides cushion and insulation ti internal organs, covers the nerves, moves vitamins throughout the body and is the largest reserve of stored energy available for activity.

While too much body fat may be unhealthy, having too little fat can be just as unhealthy. Also, the distribution of body fat in men and women is different, so the basis for classifying the body fat percentage is different between the genders.

What is Body Fat Percentage
Body fat percentage refers to the amount of body fat mass in regards to the total body weight expressed as a percentage.

Visceral Fat
Visceral fat is found in the abdomen and surrounding vital organ. It is different from fat found directly underneath the skin, which is referred to as subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat can go largely unnoticed because it's not visible to the naked eye. One way visceral fat can be seen is through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Too much visceral fat is thought to be closely linked to increased levels of fat in the bloodstream, which may lead to conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In order to prevent or improve these conditions, it is important to try to reduce the amount of visceral fat levels to an acceptable level.

Skeletal Muscle

What is skeletal muscle
Muscle is divided into two types, muscle in internal organs - such as the heart and muscle attached to bones that is used to move the body. Skeletal muscle can be increased through exercise and other activity.

What is skeletal muscle ratio
Refers to the amount of skeletal muscle mass in regards to the total body weight expressed as a percentage.

Skeletal muscle ratio (%) = {Skeletal muscle mass (kg) / Body weight (kg)} x 100

This product uses BI (Bioelectrical Impedance) to calculate your skeletal muscle mass. Keep skeletal muscle and strengthen it to make corporeity not easily become fat. This product feature is the measurement of skeletal muscle ratio. If you strengthen skeletal muscle and improve basal metabolism, you will not get fat easily.

Resting Metabolism
Regardless of your activity level, a minimum level of energy is required to sustain the body's everyday functions. Resting metabolism, the amount of calories needed to supply the body with the minimum level of energy, differs between individuals depending on variables such as age, weight, body composition and energy expenditure.

What is Subcutaneous fat?

Subcutaneous fat = fat below the skin
Subcutaneous fat not only accumulates around the stomach but also around the upper arms, hips and thighs and can cause a distortion of the body's propositions. Although not directly linked to increased risk of disease, it is thought to increase pressure on the heart and other complications.

Body Age
Body age is based on your resting metabolism. Body age is calculated by using your weight and body fat percentage to produce a guide to judge whether your body age is above or below the average for your actual age. To know your body age is useful to improve your health condition. Body age varies according to Body composition and resting metabolism, even if your height and weight is the same.

Health Information

Listen to your body. Take control of your health and live a fuller life
Omron wants everyone to live a normal, healthy and well-balanced life. The key is health management. We all need to take responsibility for our own health.

Knowledge that empowers
Omron is renowned for designing advanced monitors for use by medical professionals in clinics and hospitals. But we believe prevention is more effective than any treatment. Information about your health shouldn't just be available to your doctor. We want to empower people to know and understand their bodies so they can control illnesses or avoid them altogether. That's why we offer healthcare products that enable anyone to monitor their health in their own home, so they stay healthy and stay out of hospital. When your body talks, we can help you listen.

Obesity Solutions
Our pursuit of an effective approach to obesity: Sensing of body composition & lifestyle coupled with support to sustain effort toward behavior improvement

"Natural" and "Moderate". Concept of obesity solution system
Some people are athletic and others are not. Some want to build up muscle while others want to lose weight. They all differ in the types of exercise they need, as well as the amount and intensity. Taking this varying demand into consideration, we at Omron have created the system to address obesity, which is composed of measurement of body compositions, monitoring of lifestyle patterns, followed by design for customized goals and support to continue and accomplish the program. This system will make it possible to effectively build up health by improving lifestyle patterns while incorporating exercise practice naturally and moderately.

Health Risks of Obesity

The primary concern of overweight and obesity is one of health and not appearance. Obesity is a serious disease with serious health risks.

Obesity Health Risks - Premature Death
  • An estimated 300,000 deaths per year may be attributable to obesity.
  • The risk of death rises with increasing weight.
  • Even moderate weight excess (10 to 20 pounds for a person of average height) increases the risk of death, particularly among adults aged 30 to 64 years.
  • Individuals who are obese (BMI > 30) have a 50 to 100% increased risk of premature death from all causes, compared to individuals with a healthy weight.

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