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Oriflame Nutrishake Natural 500g - Mango-Banana

Ingredient List:

Pea Protein (30%), Sweet Whey Powder, Apple Powder, Soy Protein (13%), Rose hip Powder,Whey Protein (5%), Sugar Beet Fibre, Natural Flavours, Antioxidants (Ascorbic Acid and Alpha-Tocopherol),Sweetener (Sucralose).

Why is this Product unique?
Nutrishake has excellent and unique product properties:

Contains natural nutritional ingredients - three excellent protein sources
The formulation of Nutrishake is purely natural and in optimal balance, just how nature intended us to eat. The formulation includes three excellent protein sources, apple, rose hip and healthy soluble and non soluble fibres from sugar beet for healthy nutritional intake. This enables the body to maximize the intake of essential ingredients in order to support the body in the best possible way.

8 years of extensive research and patented product formula
The Nutrishake is the result of more than 8 years of extensive research in Sweden by Professor Stig Steen and his team. They were originally focused on improving patients' recoveries after lung or heart transplants, but the numerous benefits seen on healthy people in weight management and increased energy levels were also soon discovered.

Has clinically documented weight-loss and energy effects
The effects are documented in an extensive clinical weight management study conducted by Prof. Stig Steen and his team at Igelösa Life Science Community, a world-leading research facility and laboratory for nutrition and food research.

Is documented with low GI (Glycemic Index)
The carbohydrates in the Nutrishake formulation are apple, rose hip and whey (milk). It's formulated for slow uptake and to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

Only natural flavours
The flavours in the Nutrishake are natural and offer a great taste sensation.

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