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Over the past few years, sports like Boxing, Squash, Carrom, Chess, and Swimming have grown in popularity in India. As a matter of fact, the competition in all these games has grown tenfold. In other words, more and more people are getting involved in these games. However, only the competition is not increasing; we also see enhancements in every aspect of Boxing, Squash, Carrom, Chess, and Swimming, including the equipment. As a result, the market is now filled with top-notch instruments related to these sports, and Sportsuncle offers you all the high-end sports equipment.

Sportsuncle brings you the best sporting equipment from the major brands. What’s more, we offer everything at cheap prices without compromising on quality. Here are some of the equipment you might want to check out.

Boxing, Karate, and Wrestling

Boxing, Karate, and Wrestling involve the use of various kinds of equipment like gloves, chest guards, different attires, and other similar things. At Sportsuncle, we supply all the previously mentioned instruments from brands like Force ten, Invisible, Shiv Naresh and Superjockk.


The game of chess has several aspects such as the chessboard, pieces, clock, and more. Sports Uncle is home to all these products; we have foldable wooden chess boards, wooden pieces. Likewise, we also supply chess clocks with a jumbo-LCD display, a feature to display rest time, as well as move counting feature. 


Squash is somewhat similar to the games of badminton and tennis; they all include the use of a racket. Besides the racket, Squash also requires balls, shoes, a kitbag, and more. We provide everything that you will need in Squash. We have the lightest rackets, the best squash balls, and durable kitbags.


When it comes to swimming, Sportsuncle provides various swimming accessories used in the game like swimming trunks for optimum comfort, adjustable anti-fog swimming mask with soft Silicone strap, Silicone earplugs to protect the ears from water, swimming goggles, and high-performance cap with superior elasticity.  

Alongside the things mentioned above, we also provide waterproof carrom boardscarrom board stand, hockey sticks, and more.

Sportsuncle is your online comprehensive store housing every kind of sports products. Name a product; chances are we might have it. Moreover, all our products come with the backing of major brands that too at the lowest price.