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Victor Arrow Power 8800 Badminton Racket
Shaft Material - Graphite + Resin+ 6.8 SHAFTFrame Material - Graphite + ResinStiffness: S○○○●○F Bala..
Victor Auraspeed 90S Badminton Racket
The Speed series has always been a signature of VICTOR. What can we expect from the next genera..
Victor Brave Sword 11R Badminton Racket
Combining a medium-stiff flex and head-heavy balance, the Brave Sword 11R takes the legendary herita..
Victor Brave Sword 1600 Badminton Racket
Victor Brave Sword 1600 Badminton Racquets have a head and a moderately flexible shaft both made fro..
Victor Hypernano X 20H Badminton Racket
Victor Hypernano X 20H is a Fantastic all-round racket at a great price. FRS technology in..
Victor JetSpeed S 10Q Badminton Racket
Victor Jetspeed S 10Q combines a smaller frame, thin shaft and even-balance to create something magi..
Victor JetSpeed S 11Q Badminton Racket
The exciting all-new S11 enters the Jetspeed series with a stiff flex and a slight head-heavy balanc..
Victor JetSpeed S 12M Badminton Racket
Victor Jetspeed 12M is the true successor to the legendary Brave Sword 12 and updates it with t..
Victor Meteor X2600E Badminton Racket
This racket comes with Free String - Victor VS 100Victor Meteor X 2600 E is a sturdy badminton racqu..
Victor Wrist Enhancer 140 Badminton Racket
SHAFT MATERIAL - Graphite + ResinFRAME MATERIAL - Graphite + ResinThe weight of Victor Wrist Enhance..
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