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Buying The Perfect Table Tennis Bat Online

The table tennis bat or racket or paddle is used in the game of table tennis. The table tennis bat can be bought online at Sportsuncle.com, in various designs and colours.

The table tennis racket is made from wood that is laminated and coated with rubber on either a side or both sides. The rubber coating is based on the player's grip. The awesome thing about the table tennis bat or racket is that it can be bought online, not minding the type.

Sportsuncle has differentiated its table tennis rackets with different rubber kinds, following the general stipulation that one part of a bat is red, while the other is black to ensure that a player sights what part of the bat hit, midway, the ball. Before playing, a table tennis player can inspect the racket of his opponent to see the colour he is using. While a table tennis game is ongoing, exchanging the bat in use for another one is impossible except when it damages.

That is why a table tennis bat or tt racket should be bought online with care and from a store that appreciates quality.

Parts of A Table Tennis Racket


The rubber coating of the table tennis bat is usually made from pimpled rubber that has dots of pimples outward. It could also be made from a sponge layer that is coated with rubber, having pimples that are pointed outwards or inwards. Not every table tennis bat or paddle has a rubber covering, but this is not allowed in ITTF-approved competitions. Sportsuncle has, online, a wide range of table tennis bats or peddles with various kinds of rubber covering that meets the ITTF standard and your taste.


Different table tennis players have different preferences and playing styles and that can be seen in the table tennis rackets or peddles they buy online. That's why Sportsuncle is the one-stop shop for the best and most customised table tennis bats online.

Many table tennis rackets come with rubber, and some come without a rubber so the player to customise them himself. All the various kinds can be sourced on Sportsuncle. A player can buy a blank blade table tennis racket without the rubber cover from Sportsuncle.com, and customize it to his or her taste.

Wood is used to make the blade, and the type used goes to decide the speed of the blade.

The rubber sheets used to make the blade also affects the speed, spin and other characteristics.

Different blades are made from different materials like carbon fibre. The blade has a flat paddle used to hit the ball, and a handle used to grip the bat.

Though different styles of blades may exist, the two most common ones used by professionals and seen on Sportsuncle.com are shakehand or western and penhold styles.

A player's way of gripping the racket goes to show the blade style that will work well with him or her. Sportsuncle.com caters for all kinds of players and their styles of holding the bat.

Many Asian players opt for the penhold style, meaning that their table tennis bat bought online has an area where players can grab the handle between their index finger and thumb.

The Western type of blade is created to allow players to grab the handle with their palms. Those who play while gripping the bat like they are shaking hands use this kind of bat.

Sportsuncle.com has table tennis bats of these kinds in its online store.

Weight of Standard Table Tennis Rackets - A table tennis bat normally weighs between 75g to 95 g. The blade of the table tennis bat also depends on if the player wants to attack or defend or do both. Table tennis bats are created with different styles in mind and are sold on Sportsuncle.com.


The rubber sheet is normally glued immediately to the blade, making use of standard glues. Once glued to the blade, the rubber sheet attached to the blade is not removed, except when damaged or wears off. Most table tennis bat were usually made using speed glue to allow a catapult effect on the ball. It was banned in 2008, and as such Sportsuncle and any other reputable online stores do not sell table tennis rackets made from such.

To maintain a racket, there may be a need for regular changing of glues and rubber sheets. It is known that some glues determine the speed of the ball. Some are legal, and some have been banned like the speed glue. Sportsuncle.com sells those brands of rackets with glues that increase the speed of the ball and are legal by ITTF.

Materials Used In The Creation of Table Tennis Racket

Though there are different brands of table tennis racquets seen online and bought from Sportsuncle, they usually are made from similar materials.

Generally, the materials used are:
Small planks
Flexible glues
Wood glue and so on.

The ping pong ball used in playing the game of table tennis is made from celluloid and filled with air. Different ping pong balls can be bought online at Sportsuncle.com

What are Speed, Spin and Control in Table Tennis Racket?

In table tennis, speed, rotation, and control are defining characteristics of a table tennis racket's performance.

Speed refers to the rate at which the tennis ball travels after being struck. A racquet with a high pace will permit the ball to travel rapidly, making it more difficult for opponents to react and return the shot. Aggressive players who rely on forceful offensive strokes typically prefer rackets with a faster swing speed.

Spin is the rotation imparted to the ball when it is impacted with a racquet. Spin has a significant impact on the trajectory and rebound of the ball, making it a crucial aspect of table tennis. The use of topspin, backspin, and sidespin to manipulate how the ball travels and deceive opponents is made possible by rackets designed to generate more spin.

Control refers to a player's ability to position and direct the ball with precision using the racquet. High-control racquets improve the accuracy and precision of ball positioning, enabling players to consistently strike their intended targets. Control is essential for players who prioritize positioning, strategy, and ball placement over raw strength.

Depending on your performing manner and skill level, it is essential to find a balance between speed, spin, and control. For aggressive play, advanced players may prefer rackets with greater speed and rotation, whereas novices and players who place an emphasis on control may prefer rackets with enhanced control for precise ball placement. Experimenting with various rackets can help table tennis players discover the optimal combination of pace, spin, and control that complements their playing style and enables them to excel.

Purchasing Decisions

While purchasing a table tennis racket or bat or ping pong ball online, it is necessary to put your budget into consideration. How much do you want to spend on the table tennis bat?

It is also necessary to buy a table tennis bat from a reputable online shop like Sportsuncle.com to ensure you have the best because a table tennis bat can influence how you play. Several brands like GKI, Donic, Stag, Stiga is available here.

Though a good table tennis bat doesn't come cheap, buying the most expensive may not be the right decision to take, hence it is important to shop with Sportsuncle.com because their big brands of table tennis bats are sold at affordable prices, while having high quality. Sportsuncle lists only quality and not quantity like many other sites whose main objective is to sell, but sportsuncle trying to improve the level of sports by giving quality products online at affordable prices.

Your style of playing determines the table tennis bat you should buy online. If you are an attacking player or an all-around one, go for the one that is OFF-, ALL+, ALL.

Using the guide to choose your table tennis bat will leave you smiling and winning.