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Donic Coppa JO Gold Table Tennis Rubber

  • Substitute for Speed Glue
  • Greater Speed and Control
  • Designed for Speed Attack
  • Inbuilt Speed Glue Effect

Designed for Speed Attack

Win the next tournament by striking incredibly powerful shots that are driven by precision by getting this Coppa JO Gold Max Table Tennis Rubber from Donic that is specially designed to suit your aggressive playing style.

Inbuilt Speed Glue Effect

The racquet comes with an inbuilt speed glue effect which removes the hassle of refixing the rubber surface onto the racquet before matches.

Substitute for Speed Glue

The inbuilt glue acts as a substitute for speed glue and ensures that the rubber sheet does not come off during your intense matches.

Greater Speed and Control

Adding more speed and power to your shots, this rubber allows you to make effective shots with better control.

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