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Brand: Transform
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Made in India

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Weight / Grip Size4U (Avg. 82 gms) G4
Stringing Advice20-32 lbs
Cover IncludedYes 

Transform 1.0 Badminton Racket - Made in India

Transform 1.0 is India's First Professional Badminton Racket which is 100% Made in India. High-Quality 40T Carbon Material and beautiful cosmetics make this racket an awesome buy.

New Features

  • Augmented Frame Technology - This frame technology innovated by Transform Badminton to enhance the sweet spot area of the racket by regulating the frame ensuring all the strings crossing perfectly at 90 degrees, resulting in the bigger sweet spot, Enhanced Sweet spot.

  • Aero Cubic Frame - Designed to reduce yet maintain the structural integrity of a tractional cubical frame. the Aero Cubic Frame results in faster swing, so faster maneuver in the court., so suits for doubles and singles both.

  • Isodynamic System - The revolutionary new graphite material along with the in-built Isodynamic Racket Frame System provides unrivaled power and stability for maximum shuttle acceleration.

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