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Weight / Grip Size4U (Avg. 83 gms) G4
Stringing Advice20-32 lbs
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Transform Glory Badminton Racket

Transform Glory badminton racket is made in India "Balanced" Racket which having a balance point of 285mm. High-Quality 44T Carbon Material and enhanced sweet spot make this racket a must buy for badminton lovers.

Balance Point - 295 mm

New Features

  • Augmented Frame Technology - This frame technology innovated by Transform Badminton to enhance the sweet spot area of the racket by regulating the frame ensuring all the strings crossing perfectly at 90 degrees, resulting in the bigger sweet spot, Enhanced Sweet spot.

  • Helix Frame Technology - The Helix frame disperses the impact more evenly and brings into the reduction of vibration. the strength of Helix geometry also sustain for high tension of stringing. The ramp of helix frame allows air traversing quickly over the frame allowing for unimpeded movement and quicker frame recovery. This makes shifting from offence to defense and back again effortlessly.

  • Reinforced Titanium T-Joint - The anti-twist built-in Titanium T-Joint reduces frame lateral twisting by structural increase in size along the stress points at the joint of the frame and the shaft, diminishes twisting effect of the frame. This allows more controlled and accurate shot delivery during aggressive stroke play.

  • Hyper Retrieve - The Hyper Retrieve shafts are built with 3 wires of Titanium in the shaft designed not only to withstand massive force while absorbing unwanted shock and vibrations but for also resilience in almost no time.

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