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Size: 75 x 18 x 33 cm
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Yonex SUNR 11 LCW Tournament Kitbag

Champions know that your bag is an essential part of your game, it is as much a part of your success as all the other equipment you use. YONEX bags are designed to be comfortable and secure, with practical storage options that make sure you are fully prepared.

Carry your bag with pride - never be without it. Packed inside are your memories of those hard training sessions and the matches you have fought to win.

Kit bag Size - 75 x 18 x 33 cm

BAG 11LCW is designed with 3 compartments, a compartment for personal items/shoes, front pocket for accessories and the main compartment that can accommodate 3- 4 badminton racquets.

Three-compartment design, which makes it easy to carry racquets and other belongings. The main compartment contains rackets, bridges, a separate compartment for shoe storage, and a compartment for personal items and accessories.

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