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Nivia Black & White Football - Size 5

Football is a game that requires you to kick precisely and that comes only with oodles of practice with a ball you can depend on like the Nivia FB-278 Football of size 5.

32 Panel Construction

Nivia Black and White football is made of 32 panels stitched together that not only helps with better shape retention but also results in longer life and better performance.

High Abrasion Resistance

Considering any football will be subject to a lot of kicking and rolling in the dust and dirt, this ball comes with high resistance to abrasion and hence will last longer.

Latex Bladder

The bladder is constructed out of latex which gives high rebound values, enabling you to play better.

Air-lock Valve

The ball comes with a valve that locks the air within ensuring less or no leakage during game play.

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