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Donic Carbotec 3000 Table Tennis Bats
Donic Carbotec 3000 for a controlled all-around and still quite fast attacking game (ATTACK). 50% ca..
Donic Carbotec 7000 Table Tennis Bats
Carbotec 7000 Table tennis bat is the fastest of  the three models. Ideally suitable for a fast..
Donic Coppa JO Gold Table Tennis Rubber
Substitute for Speed GlueGreater Speed and ControlDesigned for Speed AttackInbuilt Speed Glue Effect..
Donic Coppa JO Platin Table Tennis Rubber
We recommend the DONIC COPPA JO PLATIN from Jan-Ove Waldner to the following players: The harder Cop..
Donic Formula First Table Tennis Glue - 25ml
The DONIC Formula First is the ideal glue to apply all kinds of table tennis rubber sheets to the bl..
Donic Glue Vario Clean
₹ 949 ₹ 699
Donic vario clean (37 ml) has been developed according to the new ittf regulationsWithout any volati..
Donic Persson Carbotec Table Tennis Blade
The Donic Persson Carbotec is named after the five-time Swedish World Champion. This blade was creat..
Donic Sensation 500 Table Tennis Bat
Sensation 500 bat for advanced play with good ball control. Type of player: Control.Due to the use o..
Donic Sensation 600 Table Tennis Bat
Donic Sensation Level 600 bat to learn all playing techniques with good spin and control. Type of pl..
DONIC Sonex JP Gold Table Tennis Rubber
We recommend Jorgen Persson's new DONIC SONEX JP GOLD for ambitious attackers who want a well-balanc..
Donic Waldner 1000 Table Tennis Bats
2.1 mm Firm and Smooth SpongeErgonomic HandleOffers Good Speed and SpinAdjustable Balance Point2 Qua..
Donic Waldner 3000 Table Tennis Bats
Donic Waldner series table tennis rackets are endorsed by Jan-Ove waldner many times world champion...
Donic Waldner 400 Table Tennis Bats
Donic Waldner 400 lowest price in the Donic lineup!Allows a regular all-around game with outstanding..
Donic Waldner 500 Table Tennis Bats
Donic Waldner 500 all-round racket for advanced play with good ball control. Flared (FL) handle. Inv..
Donic Waldner 600 Table Tennis Bats
Buy Donic Waldner 600 table tennis bat is a  Controllable allround bat. The easy controllable r..
Donic Waldner 700 Table Tennis Bats
Donic Waldner 700 TT Bat is Just right for all the demanding playing techniques with high speed!Come..
Donic Waldner 800 Table Tennis Bats
Waldner 800 attack racket for a sophisticated play of all techniques with spin and high speed. Flare..
Donic Waldner 900 Table Tennis Bats
Waldner 900 Players can enjoy success and a lot of fun at all ages. It is important to learn skills ..
Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon Table Tennis Blade
The Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon was designed with the help of Jan-Ove. With the original Waldne..
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Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. There is hardly any other net game which permits such a variety of playing techniques, like rotation of the ball, very slow and super fast speeds, precise placing of the ball on the opponent’s table side, top-spin und under-spin, various ways of attacking and defending etc.

Donic-Schildkröt offers a wide selection of materials for every type of game and for every level of playing ability. The award winning carbon rackets Carbotec and the FSC® certified green series rackets represent only a few examples of  many innovations, with which Donic-Schildkröt brought new ideas and high standards of quality and performance to the table tennis world.

Donic sponser table tennis legends like Jan-Ove Waldner and Jörgen Persson and many promising players around the world. Dima Ovtcharov and Patrick Baum are two outstanding examples of the promotion of young players.