Show your basketball skills with these waterproof basketballs which are full of features and you can order the best products in the comfort of your home. So, start spinning your basketball on your fingers.

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It's difficult to play basketball when the balls are worn out and deflated. Balls that bounce or slide badly are irreplaceable. We sold basketball balls with an integrated layer, a green gel made of rubber microparticles. This absorbs air and fills in the gaps. It also reinforces worn areas. This allows for a lower pressure loss, which in turn gives you the best air retention during playing basketball ball at the best price.

Basketball for Adults

We offer a variety of ball sizes, colors, and materials for men and women. Size 7 is the official basketball model for men. The official model for basketball leagues like the NBA league for men is size 7. Different materials can be used for other surfaces. You can buy a basketball made from rubber or technical plastics if you plan to use it outdoors. These materials are more resistant to abrasive substances found on the streets. A genuine leather ball is best for indoor practice and players who only use it indoors (recreational players) but the basketball price is more. A synthetic leather basketball with a high rebound, good grip, and excellent resistance is the best choice for practicing outside your basketball game.

Types of Basketball

One of the things that make you a basketball pro is not just your basketball skills, but also your knowledge about basketball. You have to know the types of basketball, the sizes, weight, and the types of basketball court that they are best on.

Although different professional leagues have their own regulated sizes and weights for basketballs used in games, it is worth noting that the standard size of the professional or official game is usually ½ the size of the hoop’s diameter. When it comes to texture, there are three types of basketball. They are:


As the name suggests, leather basketballs are made from leather. They are the most expensive type of basketball ball on the market and are often hard to the touch when new. However, over time, leather basketballs soften and give off a broken-in feel which is great for handling the ball with ease.

Composite/Synthetic Leather

These types of basketballs mimic the feel of leather basketballs but are actually covered with artificial or synthetic leather material. Unlike leather basketballs, basketballs made with synthetic or artificial leather are soft to the touch even when new, and are much cheaper than leather basketballs.


Rubber basketballs are relatively the cheapest basketballs you will find on the market. These types of basketballs are lined with rubber covering and are ideal for beginners.

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If you want to know in detail about basketball then go through this detailed article on basketball balls and avoid injuries.