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Naming and shaming are too easy these days due to social media, but this is juvenile behavior. There is no company in the world for which you will not find negative reviews because competitors are everywhere and they are happier in bringing others down or copying them but not interested in improving their own level.

For any company, if you find any negative review online then it's much easier to find out are really genuine or fake, using these three methods -

a) Click on the profile picture and see other reviews are posted by that profile or that profile created just for posting that fake negative review only,
b) Or that reviewer posting the ga-ga of another same niche website and promoting the content of the one website.
c) Any proof image/order id or any screenshot is posted by the reviewer to prove the authenticity of the allegation.
d) If you are posting any positive review online and someone else contacting you to share reviews for them and offering something in return then think twice, are that company is Honest? If you are not a dishonest person then always ignore such websites for any type of purchase in any condition.


"Great Site to buy Sports and some medical Items. Very easy to use." - Aslam Qureshi

It's the best sports shopping app as I can buy all my badminton stuff at the best price and in terms of quality of the product they are the best - Deepanshu Bansal

If you want to buy Authentic sports products in various brands then Sportsuncle is the right choice for you. - Judith Williams

Some reviews from our Mobile App which can't be edited by us, so those who have doubts why all 5-star reviews, here the answer for those.

After reading this you will get the idea, either you buy badminton rackets, tennis rackets or cricket bat. You will get the best possible product in that range. Neither we do any frauds and neither we support the fraudsters/cheat buyers which try to manipulate the system.
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