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Sports Clothing Online Available in India

Sports clothing is a specific style of clothing made to suit a particular sports type. Every sport comes with its own rules, regulations, equipment, and uniforms. Sports clothing is the attire a sports person wears to participate in a sport. All sports have a sport-designed cloth style because an attire that is originally designed for a specific sport, might not be suitable for another sport. For example, a uniform meant for golfing cannot be appropriate for swimming. This is because golf clothes do not provide the kind of flexibility a swimmer needs. Sports clothing includes tracksuits, badminton T-shirts, shorts - trackpants, swimsuits, wetsuits, leotards, and so on. For shopping, men and women who like to buy clothes online can also get sports clothing available online.

In Badminton and Cricket, there is also specific clothing for each sport that is made to suit the game style.

Badminton Clothing

Badminton is a racket game. In badminton, the players make use of racquets to hit shuttlecocks across a net. The game is usually a casual outdoor game that is played at the beach or in a yard. For official games, badminton is played on a rectangular indoor court. To score points in badminton, a player is required to strike the shuttlecock and have it land on the other player’s half of the court. Equipment for badminton includes badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, strings, badminton shoes and clothes.

Badminton clothes are designed to fully optimize performance. When playing badminton, a lot of running, twisting, jumping, and turning are required. And at a very high speed. So when choosing badminton clothes, it is of utmost importance that the clothes allow a lot of flexibility. In badminton, you have to ensure that your clothes are very comfortable so that all through the game there will not be any discomforts such as the outfit being too tight or too loose.

Badminton sports clothing includes a polo or round neck t-shirt, and a pair of badminton shorts for men. For women, polo or t-shirt and short skirts are suitable. This allows the players a lot of free leg and arm movements. For badminton, long pants are a bad choice because they restrict your movements.

Cotton apparels for badminton clothes are fine in the winter when the weather is cold. In the summer or a warmer climate, it is better to go for polyester outfits instead. In the cold, cotton badminton clothes keep you warmer but in a warm climate, it is not the case. A badminton player tends to sweat a lot and cotton clothes absorb sweat and make the clothes heavier, restricting the player’s movement. Polyester polo and T-shirt are most appropriate for badminton because the material is very light and dries up quickly. When you sweat, they absorb only a small amount of sweat, and in no time, they dry up.

It is most advisable that you wear white or other bright colors of clothes for badminton games. Dark colored clothes absorb and traps in heat. In the winter, although the weather is very cold, white colored clothes remain the best options to play in. During the summer, avoid wearing black, dark blue, dark brown and dark purple. Dark colored cotton clothes are the worst cloth option you can choose for playing in summer. Note that you can buy appropriate badminton sports clothing online.

Cricket Clothing

Cricket is a bat game. Unlike badminton, in cricket players make use of bats and balls instead of racquets and shuttlecocks. Cricket is also played on a field with two teams of eleven players. The game originated in England during the medieval period and after years of development, the game went international in the 19th century. Cricket was originally played as a gentleman sport and so all cricket players have to wear long pants despite the season. Also, the game originated in England where it’s often cold so long pants and sleeves became the traditional cricket attire.

Cricket sports clothing consists of polo and T-shirts, long pants, and face caps. In the cold season such as winter or spring, long sleeve tops t-shirts are worn instead of short sleeve T-shirts with woolen vests or jumpers. In the summer, short-sleeved t-shirts are worn. Sports clothing for cricket players is often known as cricket whites or flannels which are slightly loose in order to allow players flexibility when playing the game.

The best fabric for cricket attire is polyester. Polyester is good because it is a very light material that dries up quickly. Cricket games are played on a field outdoors, mostly in the summer. Due to the running and batting done by the players on the field, they sweat often. Polyester absorbs little sweat and dries quickly. Cotton is not the best choice for cricket because it absorbs sweat and does not dry quickly, due to this it makes the outfit heavier on the wearer.

Bright-colored clothes are also the best options when playing cricket. White specifically is the best choice. This is because dark-colored clothes absorb and traps heat. When playing cricket on a sunny day, wearing a cloth that traps heat could cause a player to pass out. White is a better option because it reflects heat and is the most comfortable attire to wear in hot weather than any other color. Due to this, it reduces the stress level of the players and prevents them from getting a heat stroke or to be quickly dehydrated.

An important part of the cricket ensemble is the face cap. Face caps are necessary both for daytime games and nighttime games. In the daytime, face caps protect players from the sun and at night, they shield the player’s gaze from the light beams. 

When choosing your sports clothing for yourself or for your team in badminton and cricket, it is important that you consider the styles, the fabrics, the season, and the color before making a choice. For both sports, it is important that you get bright-colored clothes which permit easy movement. Also in a warm climate, short sleeve t-shirts are most appropriate while in a cold climate, long-sleeved t-shirts are most appropriate.