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Actofit Heart Rate Monitor - Chest Straps
Your ideal workout partner, evaluates the calories burnt, identifies your heart rate and maintains a..
DSC Compression Shorts - Half Tights
Improves blood circulation leading to better performanceSupports thigh and upper leg musclesReduce f..
DSC Athletic Supporter Brief
The Ultimate Comfort and SupportMaximum support and comfortSmooth and soft touch with high durabilit..
Football Flick Urban Soccer Skills Trainer
Welcome to the World of Football Flick - The World's Number 1 Soccer Skills TrainerMulti-user footba..
iShake Ripped 6 Pack Shaker Bottle
The ishake adds a new and convenient carrying loop and flip cap design to the tried-and-true shaker...
iShake Gravity Protein Shaker Bottle
Ideal for cycling, gymming, exercise, sports, and fitness freaksSturdy, unbreakable and BPA freeMicr..
iShake Big Brawny Shaker Bottle
The iShake adds a new, convenient carrying loop and flip cap design to the tried-and-true shaker. Th..
iShake Dumbbell Shape Gallon Water Bottle
AS MATERIAL and BPA FREE: This large capacity water bottle is made from AS Material, safe and durabl..
Cosco Door Bar TALL
Cosco Door Bar is Non Slip, Soft padded Hand Grips ensure Maximum Stability and Grip. It is Ide..
Cosco Stepper JK 468
This Cosco Excercise Stepper is GS Approved, Smooth Twisting Design for Safety Operation, 5 Function..
Cougar AB Sling Supra
Made of heavy duty nylon fabric.Heavy duty metal clip for extra strengthUsed by professionals world ..
Cougar Exercise Loop - Rubber Band
Exercise loops are incredibly simple, but they're also extremely effective at working your muscles.A..
Cougar Arm Blaster
Build Muscles with PerfectionWith adjustable strap and neck padding..
Nivia Polyester Running Bag
When going on your run, hike or trail run, you want to make sure you have enough water for the dayLi..
Nivia Fruit Infuser Sipper
Large Opening for easy fill and clean.Secure leak proof lid, Non-Skid base, easy to use flip lock li..
Nivia Wrist Support - Pack of 2
Firm Support to Wrist: The wristband firmly holds on to your wrist, supporting and assisting your mu..
Nivia Encounter 2.0 Sipper - 770ml - (Pack of 2)
It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated frequently while performing a physical activity. Use the N..
Gravity Foldable Yoga Mat 10 mm
Foldable10 mmLight WeightWaterproofComes with carrying CoverProper CushioningFoldable 10mm Yoga..
Cougar Agility Ladder - 4 Meter
Helps Improve Foot Speed and Agility  Benefits include better coordination, balance and ov..
Cougar Agility Ladder - 8 Meter
Helps Improve Foot Speed and Agility  Benefits include better coordination, balance and ov..
Sports Kinesiology Tape (Pack of 1) - Assorted Colors
Kinesio Tape is latex-free, hypoallergenic and wearable for days at a time. It is safe for populatio..
Yonex Supporter 3505 for Athletes
The Ultimate Comfort and SupportYonex Supporter made with Advance seamless technology, in the finest..
Vixen Rubber Wobble Board - Assorted Colors
Wobble Boards is designed to aid the user's level of balance, posture, flexibility, strength and con..
Cougar Vinyl Kettlebell
Whether you are trying to build muscle, lose weight or gain stamina, kettlebells are always a viable..
Cougar Leg Weight - 2kg
Neoprene filled with weightAdjustble leg weightBefore beginning any exercise , always consult your p..
Cougar My Gym
$25 $23
It can be set up in seconds on almost any door frame.Unique cantilever design uses your own body wei..
Cougar Battling Ropes - 12 Meter
Ropes are nothing new. Neither are battles. So it’s sort of surprising that one of the latest trends..
Cougar Battling Ropes - 9 Meter
Ropes are nothing new. Neither are battles. So it’s sort of surprising that one of the latest trends..
Cougar Super Hand Grip (AT-215)
Soft foam on the handlesExtra wide at the back to maximize support while lifting heavy weightsErgono..
Konex Two-Hand Pusher - AB Wheel
Perfect for strengthening and sculpting you upper bodyCan be used for basic and advanced abdominal, ..
Konex Adjustable Tension Hand Grip
High Impact ABS PlasticAdjustable TensionErgonomically designed for maximum supportGood tensile stre..
Nivia JS 307 Stop Watch (Black)
4 year calendarBeep alarm with chime and snooze30 second correction for synchronization12/24 hour di..
Cougar Fitness Band
Resistance bands are incredibly simple, but they're also extremely effective at working your muscles..
Cougar Fitness Tube
Made of high quality rubber with cushioned handlesProvides excellent resistance for various exercise..
VectorX BIG Yoga Foam Roller - EPE
Professional yoga roller that gives a good grip improves strength, flexibility and balanceComfortabl..
VectorX Yoga Foam Roller - EPE
Professional yoga roller that gives a good grip improves strength, flexibility and balanceComfortabl..
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Gyming At Home: An Alternative To Being A Gym Rat?

There are millions of reasons to enroll in a health and fitness gym and get their fitness membership, but for one reason or the other, you may not be able to enroll. Or maybe you are a fitness gym rat already but want to have gyming equipments or exercise routines you can do at home, this is for you.

You can still get in shape and stay fit at home with some health and fitness exercise routines, without even heading to a fitness gym. You can also sweat it out outdoors, without even using any gym equipment. You can make use of exercises that need solely for resistance, your bodyweight. You can also do at home, high-intensity cardio routines, which will make the heart pump while not making use of a treadmill.

You may not want to go to the health and fitness gym for financial reasons or because you are not just a gym person. All in all, you must have a fitness band at hand.

There are still workouts that can be done on your derrière, arms, for strength or cardio.

There are some exercises you can do at home.

A lot of these routines may be done with the fitness bands.

1. Before you fill your tummy with breakfast, you can do the strength-and-cardio circuit. This will make your day start off well. For this, you have to do a minute long of push-ups, as well as a minute long of plank hold, before moving to a minute long of squats. Repeat them three times.
You can always put in your league of favorite exercises.

2 If you don't want that routine, you can start off the morning by doing an abs series of ten minutes to get the core-centric workout.
If you want to build your abs or maintain them, you can easily opt for this exercise routine early in the morning.

3. You can combine either one or two, with this third option. You can then spend the next few minutes trying to perfect your body shape. You can do the following exercise routines in five minutes.

Use that time to do the bodyweight squat, high plank, reverse lunge, push up burpee.
These five exercises are very important in any workout routine.

4 The jump rope many of us used as kids to play during the break time or leisure time comes into play here. You can get yourself a jump rope if you don't have one already to do the cardio routine that will span for seven minutes. The jump rope will be used for seven minutes, and you can skip using any style.

5. Download a workout mobile app. Just because you are not going to the gym doesn't mean you should not have a workout app. Many of these workout apps can give you tips on how to workout.

6. Crunches are not the only core health and fitness exercises you can do. There are many core exercises that you can use to build your abs.
You can try building your abs while relaxing at home.

7 Doing skater hops and goblet squats are sure health and fitness routines to build your derrière.  You can do them daily for two minutes.

8. You can train in the park or any outdoor space by running some laps.

9. You can burn sweat with the speedy Tabata workout, thereby working out the fat in a short period of time. The  Tabata session involves twenty seconds of doing balls-to-the-wall effort, which is then trailed by you resting for ten seconds. You have to repeat them for eight times.
Fitness tracker:

While doing exercise routines, you can track your health and fitness progress using the fitness tracker. The fitness tracker is a good way of monitoring your health, fitness and activity with accuracy. You can trace how much calories are burnt.  The fitness tracker can easily monitor your step count, quality of sleep or vitals. measuring your vitals, quality of sleep and step count.

Some of the fitness trackers double as smart watches like Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic. Other fitness trackers are Samsung Gear Sport, LG Watch Style and Apple Watch 3.

While you are working on yourself to build up your health and fitness, you need some instruments. They include:

1 Fitness Bands
Anyone serious with his or her health and fitness should have the fitness bands. The fitness bands are very flexible health and fitness instruments that can be used in many exercise routines.

With the fitness bands, you can do a lot of strength moves usually done with machines. The fitness bands can be used in butt and hips routines. Fitness bands can be gotten in many brands like Vesco.

2. You can get the Foam Tiles for your home use. Incstores foam tiles are created to ensure that your joints and body do not get injured. While exercising, you also need to safeguard your floors. You can use while doing judo or lifting weight.

3. Nordic track Treadmill is one brand of health and fitness treadmill can be used to have a healthy, trim body. This can be used as part of your morning exercise routine.

4. You can use STAMINA AIR ROWER to warm up, and build your shoulders, arms and back.

5. While working out at home, you can get the Valeo MEDICINE BALL. It can be used for workouts in need of balls.

6. You can use the incline grip Sportly PUSHUP STANDS for better pushups.

7. Your health fitness exercise instruments are not complete without the Survival and cross JUMP ROPE.

Going to the fitness and health gym is not the only way to stay fit, you can do it right at home.