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Gosen G-Pro 66 Badminton String
Thinner gauge and Heat Resistant coating Resin on fiber creates durability and resilience in Gosen G..
Gosen G-Pro 70 Badminton String
Heat Resistant coating Resin on fiber creates superior durability and resilience in Gosen G-pro 70Ma..
Gosen G-Tone 5 Badminton String
It's here Gosen's Advanced Technology String Gosen G-tone 5 provides supreme resilience and Crisp Hi..
Gosen G-Tone 9 Badminton String
Utilizing Gosen's Advanced Technology, The Gosen String's core is sealed with the outer Fiber wraps,..
Gosen Gravitas 8.0SX Badminton Racket
HEAD HEAVY 4U DESIGN + RIGID SHAFT FOR POWER PLAYERStrike a shuttlecock on the centroidBetween the c..
Gosen Inferno EX Badminton Racket
₹ 19,000 ₹ 9,449
Stronger Strength and Greater Power Control realize even better playability. "Crimson Ex" with "Crus..
Gosen Inferno Lite Badminton Racket
Games are not won through simply exchanging long-flight rallies.Surprise your opponent with consiste..
Gosen Inferno Plus Badminton Racket
₹ 22,000 ₹ 10,949
Gosen Inferno Frame with Super Long Length creates Powerful Shots and having Enlarge sweet spot area..
Gosen Roots Aermet Chronicle EX Badminton Racket
Gosen Roots Aermet Chronical EX having a Super Resilience with Elegant Design for Elite Player.ROOTS..
Gosen Roots Aermet Goldex Badminton Racket
Gosen Roots Aermet Goldex having a well-balanced spec with Gavun Shaft which creates consecutive sha..
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Gosen is a Japanese company that produces synthetic strings for the fishingmanufacturing, and racquet sports industries (more specifically tennissoft tennis and badminton. Gosen develops "HY-Sheep" guts.

Gosen was one of the world's first companies that had its strings approved by the International Badminton Federation (now known as Badminton World Federation), and the International Tennis Federation. Gosen was also the first to manufacture synthetic strings and has a longstanding history in string manufacturing and the introduction of stringing techniques. All Gosen strings are made in Japan.