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Brand: Victor
Model: Cushion+ EC
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UpperPU Leather + Double Mesh
MidsoleEVA +ENERGYMAX +Nylon Sheet +Solid EVA

Victor Cushion+ EC Badminton Shoes

Cushion+ in this Victor Badminton Shoes A High Elasticity Energymax Improves the rebound and cushion at the point of impact.

Energymax creates superior shock absorption and quick bounce in Victor Cushion +. Great ventilation is provided by a breathable mesh layer. High strength material inserted improves the lateral stability during transforming the direction.

Coping with the asterisk steps, the center is the rounded-shape design surrounded by triangular shapes. The radiation pattern provides more grip on the court during lateral and vertical movements. The small lump pattern distribution adds additional grip as the sensor and increases the grip.

A unique breathing mesh layer is used to increase ventilation. It facilitates the heat dissipation. This creates a more comfortable environment for the feet.

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