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Humidome - Maximizes Feather Shuttlecock Durability

What is Humidome?

Humidome is an easy to use product that maximizes the durability of your feather shuttlecocks by increasing the humidity inside the shuttlecock tube.

  • One humidome per package 
  • Comes with three extra sets of beads 
  • Instruction card 
  • For best results use distilled water


When you purchase a tube of feather shuttlecocks, the humidity inside the tube is often extremely low, meaning that the dry shuttles are very brittle and break prematurely either from old stock or new because manufacture just changes the import date of tubes. As humidity is the single most important factor in increasing a feather shuttlecock's life span, Humidome works by creating and maintaining a high level of humidity inside your shuttlecock tube. The shuttles will then absorb this humidity and last a lot longer.

By maximising the durability of your shuttles, you will save money through decreased shuttlecock consumption. 

Inside the product are non-toxic beads which can carry up to a hundred times their own weight in water.

The product is made of high-quality materials specifically chosen to have a high level of impact resistance and durability, and the product is designed to fit shuttlecock tubes from all known manufacturers.

With Humidome you will always have perfectly conditioned, long-lasting shuttles in your badminton bag using shuttlecock humidifier. With zero effort.


To use the product all you need to do is submerge the product under clean water for at least four hours, and the beads inside the product will absorb water and grow in size. Just plug the lightweight device into the top end of your shuttlecock tube and let Humidome do its magic. It's as easy as that.

The beads inside the product will maintain a high level of humidity for months which means your shuttlecocks are always optimally stored and always ready for use without effort.

Once every couple of months, when you see the beads have shrunk, submerge the product again to re-infuse it.

It's as easy as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't costly, we have to spend on this and shuttlecock tubes both?

Our tests have shown an improvement of up to 100% in durability, in other words, the shuttles have doubled in durability. On average, expect to see durability increase of anywhere between 40% to 60%.

So, just after 2 tubes of usage, this recovers your cost of the product, and you will start saving on your shuttles. We know many sportsuncle buyers which use 1 Tube daily, so for those within 2 days they recover the cost of the product.

After plugging the product into a tube, how long will it take to notice an improvement in the durability?

The shuttles will start absorbing humidity from the moment you attach it into the tube. The durability improvement should be noticeable after approximately 12 hours after attaching the product. We recommend keeping the product attached at all times and storing your shuttlecock tubes in your badminton bag.

How does it differ from steaming or other humidification methods?

Using Humidome is a completely effortless way of humidifying your shuttles. You can leave your shuttles inside your badminton bag, and always have optimally stored shuttles when you go play the next time. In addition, as the air inside the tube will not reach the dew point, the shuttles will not become overly moist.

How often do I have to recharge the product?

As humidity is released from the product inside the shuttlecock tube, the water infused beads will decrease in size. You should submerge the product upside down in a bowl or a cup full of clean water once every couple of months for about 4 hours.

 It's a simple product that will save you a lot of money.

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