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Accusure Simple Test Strips - 100 Strips
Package contains Test Strips only and not Glucometer.Number of Strips100 strips (2 x 50)Works w..
Accusure Digital Weighing Machine
₹ 2,499 ₹ 1,590
Fitness goals are highly important and so is measuring your performance. Whether you are trying to l..
AccuSure Simple Blood Glucose Monitor with 25 Strips
Test Light IndicatorLCD Backlight Display1000 Memory SpacePC link FacilityBefore After Meal Presetab..
Accusure Easy Touch Strips - 100 Strips
Package contains only Strips and not Glucometer.Number of Strips100 strips (4 x 25)Works with which ..
Accusure Easy Touch Strips - 25 Strips Pack
Package contains only Strips and not Glucometer.Number of Strips25 strips (only plastic vial with 25..
50 Test Strips of Accusure Blood Glucose
Simply put a small drop of blood on the accusure test strips and get fast results without any hassle..
50 Test Strips of Accusure GOLD
AccuSure GOLD 50 (2X25) Strips Pack from Dr. Gene (STRIPS ONLY WITHOUT MONITOR)B..
AccuSure GOLD Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor with 10 Strips
Number of Lancets10Number of Strips10Model NumberAccusure GOLD Glucose MeterMemory150 tests with dat..
Dr Gene Accusure SL Nebulizer
₹ 2,595 ₹ 1,495
For the treatments of upper & Lower respiratory tracts. For use in cold, asthma & other..
AccuSure Easy Touch Blood Glucose Monitor with 25 Strips
Number of Lancets25Number of Strips25Model NumberAccusure Easy Glucose MeterMinimum Blood Sample Nee..
AccuSure Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor with 25 Strips
Number of Lancets10Number of Strips25Model NumberAccusure Glucose MeterMinimum Blood Sample Needed0...
Dr Gene Accusure TS Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
PRODUCT DETAILSBrandDr. GeneTypeUpper ArmModel IDAccusure TS Automatic Blood Pressure MonitorColorWh..
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Dr. Gene

Dr. Gene is a cutting-edge healthcare company that is revolutionizing the way individuals approach their wellness. With a mission to empower individuals to take control of their health, Dr. Gene offers a range of innovative solutions that are backed by advanced technology and scientific research.

One of the key areas of expertise for Dr. Gene is genetic testing. The company provides comprehensive genetic testing services that analyze an individual's DNA to gain insights into their health risks, genetic traits, and predispositions to various conditions. This information can be used to personalize healthcare and wellness plans, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their lifestyle, nutrition, and preventive measures.

Dr. Gene also offers a wide range of health and wellness products that are designed to support personalized wellness plans. These products include dietary supplements, fitness trackers, and other wellness tools that are backed by scientific research and innovation. Dr. Gene's products are formulated with high-quality ingredients and are designed to optimize health and well-being.

In addition to genetic testing and wellness products, Dr. Gene also provides telehealth services that enable individuals to consult with healthcare professionals remotely. Through virtual consultations, individuals can access medical expertise, receive personalized advice, and obtain prescriptions for their health needs, making healthcare more convenient and accessible.

Dr. Gene is committed to providing reliable, accurate, and personalized healthcare solutions. The company follows strict quality control measures and adheres to regulatory guidelines to ensure that its products and services are safe and effective. Dr. Gene also prioritizes data privacy and security, ensuring that individuals' genetic information is protected and used responsibly.