Karakal B65 Badminton Racket - 65g
The Karakal B 65 ff is manufactured from one piece of FF Graphite with Thumb Print Top Cap accuracy ..
Karakal Black Zone 40 Badminton Racket
The BlackZone 40 is a great racket for offensive play, the thinner shaft design increases power to y..
Karakal M70 FF Badminton Racket - 70g
The Karakal M-70ff Badminton Racket has a very responsive frame and feels better than ever with the ..
Karakal Nano 68 Badminton String
The highly compressed multifilament core braided with high tensile super fine multi-microfibres are ..
Karakal PU Air Supergrip - Pack of 5 Grips
We have modified the standard PU Super Grip by adding large lattice airholes for a cool grip. It has..
Karakal PU Touch Supergrip - Pack of 3 Grips
Karakal Pu Touch Supergrip has all the benefits of our number 1 selling PU Super Grip but is lighter..
Karakal S100 FF Squash Racket
₹ 11,590 ₹ 7,290
The Karakal S-100ff comes with a straightened frame profile to improve power and increase the size o..
Karakal T-120ff Cameron Pilley Signature Squash Racket
Australian No. 1 Cameron Pilley uses the T-120FF, One of the most powerful frames in the Karakal ran..
Karakal TRIBAL Grip - Pack of 3 Grips
The Karakal Tribal Grip has a 'traction' embossed PU surface with improved durability, gripping powe..
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