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Brand: Li-Ning
Model: Bolt Hybrid
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Made in Taiwan

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Cap Color Green Cap
Speed Slow
Type Nylon
Package Contains 1 Box (6 Shuttles)

Lining Bolt Hybrid Green Cap Shuttlecock - Yellow

  • Lining Bolt Hybrid Nylon Shuttles are crafted with high polymer nylon skirt which can take high power smashes continuously without affecting the overall flight and performance. This also allows the skirt to regain it original form faster compared to other shuttles.
  • Bolt Hybrid Construction - A specially engineered nylon shuttlecock empowered with a unique hybrid base cork made of synthetic and natural cork for optimal quality.
  • The high grade EVA and Natural Cork Smart Mix used in the construction of the cork base helps the shuttle achieve sharp and crisp hitting sound, giving a unique dynamics to the game.
  • With optimum weight of the cork base and overall aerodynamic efficiency of the shuttle, Bolt aids you to unlock high power smashes compared to any other average shuttle.
  • The recovery point is one of the important aspects for any pro-training shuttles. This decides the overall flight and performance of the shuttle hence the recovery point is optimized to the highest level to mimic feather shuttles.
  • As per some reviewer this is a substitute of Yonex Mavis 350

    bolt hybrid durability

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