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Brand: Li-Ning
Model: Turbocharging 75 Extreme
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Weight 88g
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Lining Turbo Charging 75 EX Badminton Racket

Very Powerful Strongest Attack LI-NING Turbo Charging  75 Extreme Badminton Racket

  • Designed for aerodynamic efficiency
  • features an innovative trapezoidal frame construction that energizes the player with extra strong swing speeds and fast reaction times
  • Ideal for quick players with rapid attack and strong defensive skills
  • UHB Shaft
  • HDF Shock Absorption
  • Ultra Carbon

Technology including:


All-around optimized design improves racket mechanical structure for more efficient attack and defense system. Apart from the further increase of sweet point based on the isometric frame, the sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe drop shot and a dropping strength that bursts in a blink. The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.


With the support of advanced calculation system, the rackets are made with extremely low air resistance and high intensity to enable the players’ performance in various ways. The rackets fit into different players are all resulted from aerodynamic design. Through unrelenting tests, and the strategies that targeted at different playing, the supportive data is accumulated, LiNing beam system is thus established.

Length: 675mm

Balance: 295mm

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