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MRF Genius Elite English Willow Cricket Bat

MRF Genius Elite English Willow Cricket Bat, Elite is a grade 1 players edition cricket bat from MRF sports 

Some of the specifications of the MRF Elite Edition are as follows : 

Grains : You will usually get about 10 to 12 straight grains on MRF Elite bat

Edge : The Edges will be decent thick; between 39 and 41 mm; you won't get any thicker than these

Face : MRF Grand Edition clefts are carefully chosen to not have any knots or blemishes

Profile : 9 out 10 bats will be made up of minimal to no concavity, which means they will be full-profile ones.

Weight Range : The MRF Elite edition bats start at 1180 grams and goes up to 1260 grams 

Stickers and grips colours are for representation purposes and are subject to change.

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