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Brand: Shrey
Model: Koroyd
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Shrey Koroyd Titanium Cricket Helmet

Most Powerful and Lightest Helmet in Market only 730gm approx
Following ten years of innovation for action sports, Koroyd’s crumple zone technology is now available in a new field. Shrey partnered with Koroyd to build a pioneering cricket helmet.

Optimised for high-speed cricket ball impacts, batsmen and women are now protected by Koroyd. As worn by top professionals around the world.

Koroyd’s welded tubes crumple instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner, minimising energy transferred to your head.

This unique behaviour helps to protect your skull and brain from direct and angled impacts which may reduce the risk of suffering a life-changing injury.

Air flows consistently through the open-cells, whilst hot air from your head can easily escape, ensuring more efficient cooling in the most intense conditions. 

Koroyd features the world’s thinnest walled tubes, resulting in a structure which is 95% air. This reduces weight and enhances comfort without compromising on safety.

Shrey Koroyd Titanium is a high performance lightweight cricket helmet.
  • Large vents including top “air intake“ zone and large diameter Koroyd tubes for increased airflow.
  • Dual Retention System – Offers options between removable one-hand micro adjustment fit-system and traditional cushion pad.
  • Anti bacterial, fast wicking padding.
  • Shock absorption side plates.
  • Top grade Titanium or Stainless Steel visor (choose one).
  • Certified to BS 7928:2013 + A1 2019, (EU) 2016/425.
  • Tested with both 4 3/4 & 5 1/2 Oz balls
    Neck Guard is included with the helmet

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