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Yonex VCore SV 105 Tennis Racket (265g)
Head Size105 sq. in.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point340 mmStringing Pattern / Tension16 x 19 / 40-5..
Yonex VCore Pro 100 Tennis Racket (300g)
Head Size100 sq. in.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point320 mmStringing Pattern / Tension16 x 19 / 45-6..
Yonex Ezone 98 Tennis Racket (305g)
Head Size98 sq. in. / 632.26 sq. cm.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point315 mmStringing Pattern / Tensi..
Yonex VCore Game Tennis Racket (270g)
Head Size100 sq. in.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point330 mmStringing Pattern / Tension16 x 19 / 40-5..
Yonex VCore Pro 100 a Tennis Racket (270g)
Head Size100 sq. in.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point335 mmStringing Pattern / Tension16 x 19 / 40-5..
Yonex VCore Feel Tennis Racket (250g)
Head Size100 sq. in.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point345 mmStringing Pattern / Tension16 x 19 / 40-5..
Yonex VCore 98 Tennis Racket (285g)
Head Size98 sq. in. / 632.26 sq. cm.Length27in / 68.58cmBalance Point325 mmStringing Pattern / Tensi..
Yonex Ezone DR 26 Junior Tennis Racket
The Yonex DR 26 provides junior players with a very comfortable and solid weapon. An inch ..
Head Titanium 3000 Tennis Racket
Head Titanium 3000 Tennis Racquet is a medium powered racquet that offers a good control. The racque..
Yonex V Core SV 25 Junior Tennis Racquet
The Yonex VCORE SV 25 is shorter than the standard adult frame at 25 inches, making it easier to swi..
Yonex V Core SV LITE Tennis Racquet
Introducing the Yonex VCORE SV Lite, the perfect racket for developing players who want an..
Yonex Ezone DR 98 Alpha Tennis Racket
The EZONE DR 98 Alpha (275g) offers the impressive spin potential and precision of the hea..
Yonex Ezone 01 Tennis Racket
Head size: 113 sq. inchLength - 27 inch (full size)Grip material: AluminiumWeight: 280 gStrung:..
Wilson Monfils 100 Tennis Racket
Endorsed by french professional player Gaël Monfils, the Wilson Monfils 100 tennis racket is suitabl..
Wilson Grand Slam XL Tennis Racket
The Wilson Grand Slam XL tennis racket has an oversized head which delivers good power more consiste..
Yonex Ezone Rally Tennis Racket (275g)
The Yonex EZONE Rally offers an impressive combination of power, comfort and spin in a lig..
Head MX Cyber Tour Tennis Racquet
Gear up for the season with the MX Cyber Tour, the newest member of the HEAD® Metallix™ Team Series...
Head MX Attitude Tour Tennis Racket
The HEAD MX Attitude Tour Tennis Racquet is a racquet that will suit your needs as a beginner and as..
Head Tennis Racket Novak, 25 Junior
The Head Novak 25 is the perfect racquet for the first training session at school or for a funny gam..
Head Ti Radical Elite Tennis Racket
The Head Ti Radical Lite is a great introductory frame for adult looking to get into tennis. The for..
Head MX Spark Tour Tennis Racquet
Sport TypeTennisPlaying LevelAdvancedStrungYesTypeTennis RacquetIdeal ForMenIN THE BOXNumber of Cont..
Head Nano Ti Tornado Tennis Racquet
Weight: 280 gms approx. Head Size: 109 sq. in./710 sq. cm  Length: 27 in/685 mm Beem: 25 m..
Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone Tennis Racquet
The Head TiS5 Comfort Zone is best suited to a beginning to intermediate level player with a slow to..
Head Ti S2 Tennis Racquet
Ti S2 by HEAD Tennis Racket Get in the game with this pro Ti S2 Racket by HEAD. It has all the ..
Head Ti Reward Tennis Racquet
Lightweight and strongNano Titanium constructionOversize head for larger sweet spotContoured cushion..
Head MX Spark Pro Tennis Racket
Ideal for the recreational player looking to improve their game, this graphite composite tennis rack..
Head Titanium 3100 Tennis Racket
Graphite Body MaterialThe Head Titanium 3100 G3 Tennis Racquet has a graphite body that is strong, s..
Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet
Key FeaturesNew Shaft Inlay for Enhanced StabilityLonger Length for more PowerBalanced Power and Con..
Head Ti S6 Strung Tennis Racket
Comes with Full CoverString Pattern 16 x 19Made of Titanium and Graphite MaterialSlow Moderate Swing..
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Lawn Tennis Rackets: Buy Only the Best Online

The game of tennis is an intriguing one as players move in the court, swinging their tennis rackets. One may be a good player, but without the best tennis racket easily bought online, the game may not go smoothly.

Tennis racket is a sports instrument used in the game of lawn tennis, made with a frame that has open hoop running through its network of catgut or strings.

The tennis racket is available in different brands, and can easily be bought online, at an affordable price and no stress. The tennis rackets were usually made from strings of animal intestine- catgut- and laminated wood.

This old tennis racket restricted players from playing well because of its wooden frame's weight and size.

Then came new Manufacturers that decided to lace the wood rackets with non-wood laminates to ensure its stiffness improved. 

Rackets not made from wood were now produced. Those tennis rackets were made from aluminum, then, later on, carbon fiber composites. Though some rackets are still made from wood, the more popular head tennis rackets used by most professionals and bought online are made from composite materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber. They are also made from ceramic or metals like titanium alloys.

The strings of the tennis rackets sold online are now made from synthetic materials like polymers like nylons and so on, instead of catgut. The head tennis racket used by many professionals are usually restrung when needed. The catgut used as string has never been made from any part of a cat.

Lawn tennis is one sport that is loved by many and has been played by many professionals like Serena Williams, Venus Williams and many others.
The head tennis racket is loved by many professionals, who play with head or wilson tennis ball, in popular tournaments like The Grand Slam tournaments. The Grand Slam Tournaments are made up of four major annual tennis events. They include the US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open.

These tournaments are played with good tennis rackets that many of the professionals procured online.

Tennis Racket's Raw Materials

Like everything manufactured by man, the lawn tennis racket has its raw materials. Many tennis rackets sold online are the aluminum rackets. They are made from several alloys, like Silicon, copper, magnesium, and chromium.

Some of the tennis rackets are made from another alloy like zinc, chromium, copper, and magnesium.

The alloy made with zinc tends to be brittle, while the alloy made with silicon is easy to work with. These are composite rackets as they are made from different materials. 

These composite tennis rackets are made with different layers surrounding the polyurethane foam core or hollow.

A composite tennis racket has the following layers: kevlar or boron, graphite, and fiberglass. Sometimes, other materials like ceramic fibers are added to strengthen the tennis racket.

Tennis rackets are also made from other materials like gut, or nylon for its strings, while the handle grip is made a synthetic material or leather.

Many of the tennis rackets manufactured, sold online and used by the best in tennis usually have strings made from nylon, instead of the gut gotten from sheep intestine.

The synthetic guts are usually created from polymer like nylon, while it is twisted to give off the effect of natural gut. The older set of wooden rackets had their hand grips made from leather, while many modern rackets are now made with vinyl.

A lot of tennis players prefer the new rackets, while some still prefer the old ones; both can be bought online at affordable prices. Some tennis rackets used and bought online come with some plastic parts like yoke seated on the head's base.

Parts of a Tennis Racket

The Head
This part of the tennis racket holds the strings together, and it is where the tennis ball will be hitting. Though the sizes of tennis rackets differ, the normal heads are between 95 to 110 square inches. The size of the tennis racket can influence how a player plays. The bigger the head, the more power your strike will have, but the big size of the head makes the tennis racket hard to swing.Its counterpart, the smaller heads have weaker power, but allows you to easily increase the speed and have more control.

The Beam
This is the thickness of the head.
Various rackets have different beams. The beam of a racket can influence how the game will be played. A large beam allows the strings in the tennis racket to move around more easily, ensuring that the shots have more power. Since it is moving very easy, the player may have less control of the racket. A smaller beam of a tennis racket does the opposite.

The Strings
The strings are usually at the head's center of any tennis racket. This is where the ball hits before bouncing out. Many tennis rackets sold online come with the strings already connected to the head of the tennis racket or can be bought separately.
The strings can determine how your game will go, as the materials used in making the strings, the thickness and the strings' wear determine the control, power, spin and lots more.

The Handle

This part of the tennis racket is where the player holds while hitting the racket. 

The Grip

The tennis racket's handle is usually coated to ensure that the player can grip the racket without getting blistered or injured.

The Butt

This is the handle's bottom. This part of the tennis racket is wide to ensure that the racket doesn't fling around without control while being swung by the player.

Balance of A Tennis Racket

The balance of a tennis racket is the measurement of the racket's weight distribution, especially from its butt end. It is measured in centimeters or inches.
The balance of a tennis racket is referenced in points. The points include the head heavy or head light, as each point is 1/8 inch. 

There are different kinds of tennis rackets: there are those heavy rackets that are head-light. These rackets are to ensure easy maneuverability.
The other is the super light rackets used by many professionals and sold online. They are head heavy to ensure the supply of mass is enough. This means that the head heavy tennis rackets or head tennis rackets supply more power, compared to its counterpart.

Grip Size of A Tennis Racket

A standard head tennis racket has grip size from 4-1/8 to 4-5/8 inches. You can measure your grip size by holding the tennis handle with the Eastern forehand grip. This is done by placing your palm, exactly on the same level as the strings. If the grip size is good, you will be able to fit between your longest finger and plan, the index finger. There is an exception to this rule of grip size, especially if it is not a preference of the player. It's easier to increase the handle size than reducing it, hence a player whose grip doesn't fit the standard grip size can go for the smaller one, then add an overgrip.

The grip size that will work well with the tennis racket can be found by measuring the length between the bottom of your lateral palm crease and your ring finger's tip.

It should be between 4 and 4-5/8 inches.

There are numerous grip measurements of tennis rackets like 4 inches, 4 1/8, 4 1/4, 4 3/8, 4 1/3, 4 5/8. When you measure your grip size, you can then buy the head tennis racket with such a grip size.

The tennis racket, its composition, size, and other parts of it determine how well a player will swing. To get the best tennis rackets, you don't have to head to a landed shop or store, you can easily log into an online store and buy them at affordable prices.

Tennis rackets may be one part of the tennis instruments, the tennis balls are another part. The nivia tennis balls are good tennis balls that are easy to swing and are made from two-piece rubber shell that has been filed with pressurized gas. The nivia tennis ball's rubber shell is then coated with wool or nylon. The nivia tennis ball obeys ITTF standard of weighing between 2 oz and 2 1/6 oz and having a diameter of between 2 1/2 and 2 5/8 inches.