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Brand: Babolat
Model: Xfeel Lite 2022
Origin: PRC
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Weight / Grip SizeAvg. 83 gms / G4
Stringing Advice18 - 27 lbs
Full Cover IncludedYes 

Babolat X Feel Lite Badminton Racket

The Babolat X-Feel Lite is perfect for competitors with a defensive game. Maneuverability is increased by its head light design and medium shaft, to counter all your adversary’s shots.

This is the New 2022 Edition, which solves all the previous issues.

Refine the precision of each of your strokes. The unique flexibility of the shaft makes it more supple when setting up your shots to gain precision and hit winners.

You consider your racquet’s durability to be an essential selection criterion.  From the design of its frame to the technical drilling of the eyelets, the X-Feel racquet was designed to guarantee your durability.

Balance - 295mm 
Length - 675mm

Metric Flex - Metric Flex technology was specially designed to offer unique flexibility (lateral/frontal). Its structure is unique and patented. The shaft’s stiffness adapts to maximize each of your movements: a more flexible shaft when setting up the stroke and more rigid when you hit to guarantee power and precision.

Side Force Twins - Side Force Twins technology offers better racquet frame durability, with alternating eyelets (at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock) that preserve the carbon fibres when the frame is drilled.

Carbon Slimplies - CarbonSlimplies technology offers lasting shaft rigidity over time with additional carbon sheets incorporated into its design for greater durability.

Aero+ - A racket frame designed with built-in eyelets. This structure offers better penetration through the air for more power and manoeuvrability.

XP Aero Tubing Technology - An oval section shape, designed to increase the frame’s stiffness and aid precision.

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