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Brand: Cougar
Model: Hexa
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Cougar Rubber Coated Hexa Dumbbell (Pack of 2)

These dumbbells come in a unique hexagonal shape. This shape plays a key role in keeping your dumbbells from rolling away when you put them down on any surface. Hex weights are the best choice for sets that involve switching between exercises quickly, as you can place them down and pick them up within minutes without misplacing them.

  • The rubber-coated construction of these dumbbells lends adequate toughness for long-term use. Moreover, the thick rubber coating also ensures that there are no damages to the surface that you are placing them on. The cushioning makes rough placements and handling result in the least amount of impact.

  • The metal bridge located in between the weights acts as a secure grip for the user. This can be owed to the ridged design, which ensures that the risk of accidentally losing your grip while working out and injuring yourself is always at a minimum.

  • Not only do these hexagonal dumbbells make ideal additions to a professional gym, but they also offer an excellent way to work out at home. This makes these weights an ideal piece of equipment for those who hardly find the time to head to a gym.

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