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Brand: Carlton
Model: Vapour Trail 78
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Weight Avg. 78 gms (5U)
Stringing Advice22 - 30 lbs
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Carlton Vapour Trail 78 Badminton Racket - 78g

Carlton Vapour Trail 78 (New Launch)

  • JMG Graphite
  • Xtreme Tension Frame
  • Pro V12 Grommets
  • High Repulsion Shaft
  • Vectran Enhanced
  • TCS
The Vapour Trail series provides an optimum synergy of control, power & speed for all-around performance. The new frame features a TCS reinforced T-Joint for shot stability and control, whilst the Vectran enhanced graphite construction provides excellent racket overall resilience. This Badminton Racket is 78gm only and has a Flexible shaft and head-heavy balance.

Frame: Japanese HM Graphite
Balance - Head Heavy (300mm)
Flex - Flexible (8.8)
Length - 675 mm
Grip Size - G1

vapour trail 78

vapour trail details

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