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Brand: Yonex
Model: Mavis350 x10yellow
Origin: Japan
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₹ 11,395 ₹ 16,500
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Cap ColorGreen Cap
Package Contains10 Tubes (6 x 10 = 60 Shuttles)

Yonex Mavis 350 (Pack of 10) Green Cap Shuttlecock - Yellow

Functionally Design for Badminton Game

The Yonex Mavis 350 nylon shuttlecock - green cap has been precision built to offer superior flight performance once it strikes the racquet. It has been designed to allow you to serve at a variety of speeds including slow, fast and medium serves. Whether you are using it for everyday practice or for a competitive game, this Yonex green shuttlecock moves accurately and reliably during the badminton match. The bright yellow color of the badminton shuttlecock makes it easy to spot and locate and ensures you never miss out on a shot. 

Mavis 350 is widely available as fake on various portals and by other sellers. So, always buy from a trusted store either online or offline. This is Mavis 350 wholesale price and can't be offered less than this price. If you looking for a more durable and real flight nylon shuttlecock then you can try a new launch Mavis 500 Super badminton shuttlecock.

Superior and Durable Design

This plastic shuttlecock is designed to provide accurate speed, distance, and stable performance, irrespective of the temperature and environment. It recovers faster than ordinary shuttlecocks after being smashed. With its nylon skirt, this Yonex shuttlecock lets you hit faster and more consistent shots every time. Featuring a sturdy build, this Yonex nylon shuttlecock is a cost-effective solution for training and practice sessions on the badminton court. As it is durable, good quality, and long-lasting, this Yonex 350 shuttlecock will make an exciting addition to your badminton gear and Mavis 350 Price is the best online price here.

The combination of close-to-yonex feather shuttlecock flight performance and four to five times more durability than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock makes the YONEX MAVIS series the most cost-effective choice for practice sessions.

The hardness of the skirt – the feather part of the nylon shuttlecock – varies depending on temperature and that's why this nylon shuttlecock loves by badminton players and is available at the best price on Sportsuncle.

  • Brand: Yonex Mavis
  • Skirt Material: Nylon
  • Proper speed: Slow
  • Design: Precision designed for accurate flight performance
  • The range of Temperature: 22 to 33 degrees

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