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Brand: Yonex
Model: Duora ZStrike
Origin: Japan
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Weight / Grip Size3U (Avg. 85 gms) G4
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Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket

Made in Japan

Yonex Duora Z Strike is an attack-type Badminton Racket to enhance "power" "speed" "control" and to win a game. 

yonex duora zstrike badminton racket

Highly elastic carbon frame +  DR+Hyper-MG 
Highly elastic carbon shaft + EX-HMG 
New incorporation Model T joint +T- anchor 

DUORA GROMMET: 8 continuation grommets which varies in the design on the box shape side and the aero shape side attached to a head part. I hold rigidity by thickening the aeroshape side, and a grommet pushes back a string in an impact on the box shape side and raises the good point that I am from the ball. Patent pending 

Yonex new carbon material having highest coefficient of elasticity in history. I use it in the Zstrike in the lower frame and produce a scathing flip. 

Dual Opti mamushi stem: I put the shape that is different from a forehand in a background together and adopt DR. "The dual Opti mamushi stem" which enhances a performance by all shots 

Isometric: Yonex's original square frame shape "isometric" realizes a wide suite area right to left or up and down in comparison with a general circular frame by equalizing the length of the string of length and breadth. After having won many titles with a top player in tennis, this technique produced by Yonex was equipped with for a badminton racket to isometric 500 of the release for the first time in the world in 1992. Thereafter, as world standard, it has been got close to many players. 

DR: I develop new carbon material which built material for the next-generation aerospace of world first Toray Industries, Inc. in Yonex's original nanoscience technique by nanoscience new material racket. It is the most high-dimensional and balances "repulsion performance" with "tenacity". 

Aero+ box shape: I adopt an aeroshape without a quick swing and a box shape to save power in right person for the right place. 

A concept: The new grommet design that was able to get closer to a horizontal direction not a design suitable for the conventional frame center as much as possible. I enlarge the excursion of the string in the batted ball, and a suite area is escalated to the frame upper part. Patent pending 

A compact frame: I hold down air resistance in the batted ball by reducing frame size and realize a feeling of refreshing batted ball. 

A new grommet pattern: I break up load in the batted ball by putting length, side string through the independent separate grommets, and the durability of the frame improves. 

A solid feel core: I cut harmful vibration by incorporating a blowing agent in the frame inside. 

A Shinnai melody storehouse Model T joint: Be superior to aspect stability more by compounding, and control characteristics improve epoxy resin and a blowing agent. 

An extra slim shaft: A shaft slimmed more cuts air resistance and raises operability. 

A control support cap: The shape that a flat face is easy to grip with a thumb widely. I realize more accurate quick racket work. 

Offensive badminton racket specially made to boost power, speed and control, giving players a tactical upper hand on the court.

Frame: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric DR, Ni. Hymer MG

Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric / EX-HMG
Flex: Extra Stiff
Length: 10mm Long

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If you select this option of Custom Stringing, then Racket will be Stringed with the selected string @ maximum 25lbs (if racket supports) otherwise whichever maximum tension racket supports. We don't provide the facility of stringing more than 25 lbs to avoid any transit shock damage.

If you are looking for higher tension then we suggest you to strung at your end.

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