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Brand: Dunlop
Model: 2 Dot x12
Origin: Philippines
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Dunlop Pro Double Dot Rubber Squash Ball - Pack of 12

Designed for professionals and advanced level players, this dunlop double dot squash ball is extra slow to extend ball hang-time. This Dunlop squash ball is used in international professional competitions - unrivaled performance guaranteed. Dunlop Double Dot is Made in Philippines.

  • Rubber outer material
  • Used for international professional competition and club match
  • First layer of elastic hydrocarbon polymer
  • Material: Rubber
  • Original Product Guaranteed
Squash balls for senior players come in various varieties, each with different levels of ‘bounce’. The level of bounce is denoted by colored dots on the ball. For younger players, there are a number of ‘Mini-Squash’ balls available which have a very high, prolonged bounce.

OrangeSuper low Super low  High altitude play
Double yellowSlow  Very low Experienced squash players
YellowSlow  Low Advanced

The standard ball for professional competitions is the double yellow according to the World Squash Federation. This has been the case since 2001. The bounce of a squash ball also varies as a function of temperature, which is why it is recommended that a squash ball is warmed up before use.

As you get better at squash you can move on to single yellow dot balls, but don’t be tempted to move to double yellow balls immediately. Playing with a more difficult ball prematurely can hinder your performance.

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