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Brand: Yonex
Model: EX65BOLT
Origin: Japan
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Yonex ExBolt 65 Badminton String

Introducing a brand-new addition to the EXBOLT string series, EXBOLT 65. Similar to the EXBOLT 63, The EXBOLT 65 is constructed from a proprietary material called FORGED FIBER which combines durability, thin gauge and quick repulsion all into one. With the EXBOLT 65 a new layer is added over top the FORGED FIBER called the Elasticity Outer which increases the hold and improves overall control. 

FORGED FIBER is a material developed from a fiber with high intermolecular bonding strength, durability, and heat resistance. Ordinary nylon had a limit to the strength of its fibers, which is why Yonex reconstructed the fibers on a molecular level to build stronger bonds for lasting durability. To increase overall control a new extra coating, the Elasticity Outer, was added for increased shuttle hold, making the new EXBOLT 65 a triple threat. The Elasticity Outer is a coating with enhanced flexibility achieved by applying NANOALLOY technology to nylon. The result is a combination of quick repulsion, durability, and control.

Length -10m (33 ft), Gauge - 0.65mm
Made in Japan

Repulsion - 10/10
Durability - 8/10
Hitting Sound - 9/10
Shock Absorption - 8/10
Control - 10/10

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