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Brand: Yonex
Model: Astrox 100ZZ
Origin: Japan
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₹ 13,740 ₹ 20,590
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Weight / Grip Size 4U (Avg. 83 gms) G5
Strung No
Stringing Advice 20-28 lbs
Cover Included Yes 

Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket

More precise weight distribution throughout the grip end, frame top, and joint increases the rotational power. These enhancements ensure the momentum for quicker consecutive shots. 

The already slim shaft has been modified utilizing a high-quality graphite material, creating the slimmest shaft to date in Yonex called Hyper Slim Shaft. It provides a smoother follow-through by reducing air resistance and generates rotational power through more flex and a faster snapback.

 The original ISOMETRIC frame has also evolved into a more ISOMETRIC shape, expanding the sweet spot. Designed for reduced power loss from off-centre shots, the 2.9% larger sweet spot increases power.

If you are looking for the cheaper version of 100ZZ Astrox 100 Tour, and Astrox 100 ZX which are exclusively available in India with Sportsuncle.

What's New in Astrox 100 ZZ, Kurunei Color or Blue

  • Expanded Sweet Spot in Modified Frame - The ASTROX 100 frame has been slightly modified into an even more square-like shape, increasing the already wide sweet spot by 2.9%

  • Newly Designed Cap: E.B.CAP PLUSA new structure reduces shaft twisting and increases its flexibility. Thumb fitting shape transmits even more power to the shuttle.

  • Advanced Rotational Generator SystemThe new innovative Rotational Generator System precisely distributes weight to the top of the frame, joints, and the end of the racquet grip.

  • ASTROX 100 ZZ: Hyper Slim Shaft - Designed to slice through the air, generating speedy power

  • Revolutionary New Graphite Namd - By utilizing high-quality Namd graphite throughout the shaft and frame of both models more flex is produced with a faster snapback, unleashing dramatic steep power

  • Solid Core Shaft - Traditional rackets have a hollow shaft. The Astrox 100 ZZ, on the other hand, has a solid core made of carbon. 

astrox 100 zz

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