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Tennis String is an extremely important part of your tennis racquet to pay attention to. Here you will get the original and new strings from the top brands that are used by players and can help you too.

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Tennis Strings - Power of your Tennis Racket

Without a doubt, the game of tennis is all about skills and hard work but, if you want optimum results, you should also use the best equipment. What good is a fighter without a sharp sword; or an archer with a broken bow? In the same way, for a tennis pro, equipment is as important as his skills.

In fact, you should pay proper attention to even the slightest of the details like strings on your racquet to perform the best. It might be the case that you have a decent tennis racket, but it will be of no use if the strings on it are of low grade. A low-quality mesh of strings makes the shots go all over the court.  You won't be able to control your shot, or you have to put too much power behind the shots.

These tennis strings are an essential part of your game; after all, they are the only part of your racquet that comes in direct contact with the ball. 

There are various types of tennis strings in the market. However, they are made mostly from the synthetic gut, nylon, multifilament, and natural gut. We at SportsUncle offer all of them; we have products in different price segments from various manufactures.

Before talking about our range of products, let's talk more about strings since a player should have in-depth knowledge about his equipment. Not only will it help you make good buying decisions, but you will no longer have to rely on advice.

Important details to know about various types of strings

As discussed above, strings are commonly made up of three materials- nylon, polyester, and natural gut. The use case for each type of string depends on several factors, including the style, level of play, and more. Here is a brief overview of them.

Synthetic gut:

The synthetic gut is best for beginners because of its all-around playability, easy learning curve, and pricing. Plus, if you want value for money, the synthetic gut is the one for you. It is made up of nylon and features solid core string circumscribed with wraps for better performance.

Note: The synthetic string is not generally recommended to advance players.


Multifilament tries to imitate the feel of the natural gut at an affordable price. However, it is impossible to replicate the quality of the natural gut. They are made up of ultra pliable synthetic fibers that are pretty good at absorbing shock and hit the ball with power. With multifilament tennis strings, you can hit the ball deep at a higher pace.

Note: Multifilament is not advised for people prone to break strings.

Natural Gut

Strings made from the natural gut are the best in terms of durability, elasticity, power, and feel. Moreover, the natural gut holds on to its tension for extended periods, much more than any other string. In short, it delivers exceptional performance for prolonged intervals. The only problem with the natural gut is that it is pretty expensive.

Note: Players with tennis elbow or sensitive joints should use natural gut.


Polyester strings are perfect for skilled players who are looking for decent control, spin, and durability. Players who tend to overhit the ball should also go for Polyester string because they don't have to worry about swinging hard with this type.

Why buy tennis strings from Sportsuncle? 

There are plenty of benefits of buying tennis racket strings from us. Our store offers a wide variety of products; essentially, our inventory is infinite. Plus, we keep on adding new products from time to time.

Additionally, the strings we offer can support any playing level and technique; they are built for every type of play, provided that you choose a string ideal for your game.

What's more? We provide different colored strings, along with various sizes and lengths. 
You can choose any of the strings from the list below; they are suitable for most playing conditions and are durable. In other words, these are some of the best strings available in the market. 

  1. Yonex Poly Tour Spin Tennis String
  2. Yonex Rexis Tennis String Reel
  3. Head Sonic Pro Edge Tennis String 16g
  4. Yonex Polytour Strike Tennis String
  5. Yonex Dynawire Tennis String

Other benefits

Cost-effective: SportsUncle offers the best quality products at competitive pricing. Plus, we provide a wide range of products in different gauge to fulfill all your needs. 

Quality: The quality of our tennis racket string is top-notch, which makes it much more durable.

Replacement Guarantee: SportsUncle provides you the full replacement guarantee if the product delivered to you is damaged or if the model received is different from what you have ordered.

How to choose a Tennis String for your game?

If you are looking to buy new Tennis strings but are not sure which one is ideal for you, you should keep the things mentioned below in mind: 

  1. Your playing style: If you are a power hitter, the ball should leave the string bed at contact, so you must choose strings accordingly. On the other hand, if you want control, you need strings with more dwell time so that the ball will stay on your string bed for longer. 
  2. Comfort: Comfort refers to the amount of shock you feel in your arm when the ball makes contact with your racquet. 
  3. Your playing level: If you are just a beginner, you should go for strings made out of Natural gut or nylon. Whereas, if you are an experienced player, you can go for the natural gut. 

These are some of the points that you should consider while buying tennis racquet strings.