Adidas Fifa World Cup 2018 Official Match Football
** This is NOT a Replica or Copy. This is Thermal bonded Telstar 18 Official Match ball with NFC chi..
Football Flick Urban Soccer Skills Trainer
Welcome to the World of Football Flick - The World's Number 1 Soccer Skills TrainerMulti-user footba..
Cosco Platina Fifa Football - Size: 5
FIFA Quality Pro Ball Cosco Platina, made with Finest Japanese PU Material for Ultimate Flight Stabi..
Cosco Barcelona Football - Size: 5
Entry Level TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) Machine Stitched Cosco Barcelona Ball is Bright and Vib..
Cosco Munich Football - Size: 5
₹ 1,560 ₹ 1,299
Cosco Munich Ball made with PU using BONDED Technology "Wrorld's best Stitch-less Technology" Reinfo..
Nivia Ashtang FIFA PRO Football - Size: 5
Design copyright patented Ashtang or Eight Panel Technology exclusively developed by Nivia after ext..
Adidas Nemesis Glider Football
₹ 1,799 ₹ 1,080
Be creative. Creates chances. Master the agility and keep them guessing with this soccer ball. The d..
HRS Premier League Fifa Standard Imported PU Match Football - Full Size
Premier League is a Top in it's class PU ball made for Football matchesThe ball is reinforced with 4..
HRS Allure Football - Full Size
HRS Allure is a Synthetic Hand Stitched, Excellent Durability And Shape RetentionWeight (g) 400-450,..
HRS Goal Imported PU Match Football - Full Size
HRS Goal is a Professional Match BallThe ball is reinforced with 4 Ply Polyester Cloth for extra pro..
HRS Radiant Football - Full Size
Super Shining Hand Stitched Synthetic Water Proof. Diameter (cm) 70, Weight (g) 400-450, Water ..
Cosco Brazil Football - Size: 5
Made with Imported PU which is  Durable and Long Lasting. Strong Backing Materials is..
Cosco Milano Football - Size: 5
High performance is delivered with the Cosco Milano Football that is very responsive to your kicks a..
Cougar Vogue Football
₹ 760 ₹ 646
The Cougar Vogue Football is always in a perfectly round shape. Made from a material that boasts the..
Cosco Torino Football - Size: 5
PVC hand sewn ball High shape retention and stability Fitted with latex bladder.Ideal forSeniorWater..
Nivia Storm Football - Size: 5
Built for Maximum Output, Ensures Good Performance and High Durability, Long Lasting, Durable and Re..
Nivia Vega Football - Size: 5
GENERALSport TypeFootballSize5DIMENSIONSDiameter20 cmWeight50 - 100 gIN THE BOXNumber of Contents in..
Nivia Trainer Football - Size: 5
Mastering a sport requires quite a lot of training. Pick this Nivia Trainer Football - 5 w..
Nivia Black & White Football - Size 5
Football is a game that requires you to kick precisely and that comes only with oodles of practice w..
Nivia Shining Star Football
₹ 1,079 ₹ 795
The Nivia Shining Star Football is stress and a perfectly round shape. Made from a material that boa..
Adidas DFL Glider Rubber Football
₹ 1,499 ₹ 1,165
Training and leisure ball in the design of the original 2015 football Torfabrik - Outstanding grip a..
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Buy a Nivia Football Online at Sportsuncle

Football is a team of games that involves a field, a ball, and a team of players.

Most of these football games have wide popularity all over the world.Under football includes different sports, like rugby football, gridiron football, Gaelic football, and soccer football. These different types of football are often called football codes. 

Football Game

Soccer, which is also called association football, is the most popular sport in the world. It is one of the team of sports in football. The sport is played in over 200 countries by about 200 million players. Soccer is a field and ball game. It is also a team sport played between 2 teams with eleven players in each.

A football field is a rectangular field divided into two halves for each team with goalposts at each end. The aim of a football game is for a team to get past the goalkeeper and kick the ball into the goal post.

In a football game, the ball is meant to be kicked around the field with the foot. Hands are not allowed to come in contact with the ball. In a situation where this happens, there will be a penalty in favor of the opposing team. The only team members who can touch the ball with their hands are the goalkeepers within the penalty area. Other body parts players could use in touching than ball are the head, the knee, and the chest. At the end of a football match, the team who scores the highest amount of goals wins. Special Football boots are required for the game.The game of soccer originated in China from a competitive kickball sport called cuju.

In soccer, the eleven players in a team consisting of the goalkeeper, the defenders, the midfielders, and the striker. The defender defends the goalpost from the opponents, the midfielder keeps the ball in circulation around the field, and the striker’s primary job is to score goals by getting the ball past the keeper and into the net. The player tries to score by using soccer techniques such as dribbling, intercepting, tackling, passing, and taking shots during the game. 

Football Equipment:

Equipment necessary for a game of soccer includes the ball, the team jersey, football shoes, and the referee’s whistle. Nivia football have the craziest demand, and footballs like Nivia Shining Star, Nivia Antrix, or Nivia Storm are sold in offline and online shops. These nivia football, cosco football have an accurate weight and Size, which is prescribed for official matches.

All these footballs at the best price available online at sportsuncle, before buying you can learn here how to choose the right football and football shoes.

International soccer competitions:

Soccer is a game for which players worldwide are brought together to form a team. International football competitions include the World Cup. The Football World Cup is the biggest football platform in the world where countries worldwide contest against each other to win the cup. Other soccer competitions include the European Champions League, African Cup of Nations, UEFA Champion’s League, and the FA Cup. Some domestic football competitions include the Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League, and Serie A.

If you are not aware of Football rules or health benefits then read our article on this ultimate game of football.