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Types of Tennis Ball available on Sportsuncle

Sportsuncle sells a lot of ping pong balls or table tennis balls and lawn tennis balls. The first is the novelty or fun balls.

They are used by kids, as they come in different colors.They can be soft or hard, and are not to be used in matches, except they are 40mm, 2.7g, and white or orange.

One Star Table Tennis Ball

These balls, like the previous one, can be bought on sportsuncle.
They can be used in youth clubs and schools, as they are soft and can break easily when hit with force.
These balls can be used in matches, if they are orange or white, weighing 2.7g and having a size of 40mm diameter

Two Star Table Tennis Ball

These balls are used in multi-ball practice and improvers. Though they do not have high quality like three-star balls, they can be substituted.
They can be legal like others if they meet the color, size and weight specifications.

Three Star Table Tennis Balls

These balls are exclusively used in ITTF matches, and if you want to play in such games, using the three-star balls is key. These balls can be bought online on sportsuncle

Buy Lawn Tennis Balls Online at Sportsuncle

Sportsuncle having a lots of tennis balls from the world renowned manufacturers like Head, Wilson, RS, Cosco. All the best tennis balls are available in different packs from small to big as per your convenience and budget. All tennis balls are latest manufactured so no old stock will be delivered to you. In India you will get a big brands at your doorstep.